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Each one of you (in literal sense) can help the cows in their own ways without spending a single rupee!


Each one of you (in literal sense) can help the cows in their own ways without spending a single rupee!

Evidence shows cow’s milk is link to solving medical mysteries, from diabetes to autism.


Artificially created by genetic mutation to increase milk production. Its milk is linked to heart diseases, diabetes,etc.

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    Hump - The hump is an exclusive characteristic of the Indian Desi bulls and cows and facilitates them to carry loads without effort, while the foreign breeds do not have hump.

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    Dewlap - The Indigenous Cattle have a high heat-resistance by virtue of their extensive Dewlaps below the ear, which their foreign counterparts lack.

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    Back - Desi cows have a beautiful curved back Vs Jersey have straight backs.

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    The Desi cows yield A2 type of milk containing higher nutritional value and though the exotic cows yield more milk they are A1 Type of milk, they are less nutritious and are the main cause of diseases like diabetes, Bp etc.

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    The expenditure on an Indian Desi cow is only about RS 4500 against that of a foreign cow that needs about RS 7500.

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    The dung of Indian breed of cows is used in agriculture, medicine and homas. The dung of foreign breed is of no use.

Read this information first and the decide why we are adamant to save the Indian Cows

Our planet belongs to both mankind and animals. However, we fail to treat them properly. The cattle breeds must be saved and protected. Cows are holy and are worshipped in the Indian culture.

Agnihotra is the most basic yagnya (fire ceremony) which is performed using dried cow dung.

Various research papers on Indian Cow breeds such as Cow Urine as Antimicrobial agent, Effect of Cow Urine on wounds, Effect of Gau-arka on chromosomal abberation etc

Projects at Surabhivana

The Kaplia breed of cattle is a rare Indian breed, native to Dakshina Karnatka and Kasargoad. It is said that this breed was reared by kapila Rishi- a great vedic sage and hence derived its name form him.


Surabhivana – the shelter for cows, was established in the year 2004 at Polalli, Karnataka,India. In the year 2007 District Collector of Mangalore allotted 20 acres of land at Kompadhavu Village near Mangalore Airport, to develop this cow-shelter. It has more than 120 cows now.

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Cow Urine Arka (gomutra), is a natural antiseptic. In ayurveda it is known as ‘Sanjivini’. It is an extremely potent medicine, most effective in treating all kinds of infections especially those of the kidney and liver. Learn More

Vishwamata Goumata is a Dance Drama to spread the message to save our vanishing breed of Indian Cows. Learn More

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