Research Papers on Indian Cow Breeds

1. Cows Urine as an Antimicrobial Agent.
Kumari Namrata Y. Mahurker, Dessertation for MSc Microbiology –2006, Shri Shivaji Education Society/ Amravti’s Science College, Nagpur.

Gram Negative, Gram Positive bacteria, Fungi were significantly inhibited by concentrated cow’s urine. Some of the constituents of urine which is related for microcidal properties

1) Halogenated Phenol – Antifungal.
2) Phenyl Phenol — Antimicrobial, Antiviral.
3) Carbolic acid, Manganese — Antibacterial, Pesticide
4) Aurum Oxide – Antimicrobial, Antitoxic.

2. Effect of Cow Urine on Wounds.
A.K. Maheshwari, A.K.Gupta, AK Das, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, G.B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar. 263145.

Cow Urine has antiseptic properties. The urine implicated wounds were found to be less infected . The healing time as when compared to antiseptic cream is far less. Administration of fresh urine orally has added effect on wound healing due to immunological properties.

3. Effect of Malanad Gidda Cows Urine.
BSc – Microbiology – Project Report 2005-2006, SRN Shetty memorial College, Shimoga.

Malanad Gidda cow’s urine has antifungal property. The metabolites of fungus during this process, is antimicrobial also. That shows that cow urine exerts direct action on fungus and indirect effect on bacteria also.

4. Prevention of Pathogenic Free Radicals through Cow Urine

A.K. Singh, P.K. Singh, L.K. Singhal, D.K.Agarwal. College of Veterinary and Animal Science Pantnagar. IVRI Izatnagar.

Free radicals are molecules, which have lost electrons. These free radicals attack the nearest stable molecule and steal the electron. This is a chain reaction of destruction. They can attack enzymes, fat, proteins, etc and causes DNA to mutate. The Oxygen Free radicals (Reactive oxygen species) are produced due to Phagocytes, Mitochondria function, Inflammation, – Heavy Exercise, cigarettes, smoking, pollution, radiation, chemicals, drugs, altered Ozone level, moulds etc. They cause mutation of cells. This in turn may predispose for – Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, Sclerosis, Stroke, Stress, Fibrosis, Cataract, Muscular – Degeneration, Aging etc. Cow urine prevents the free radicals formation.

5. Effect of Gau-arka on chromosomal aberration.
Dipanwita Datta. Submitted for MSc in Environment Science Indira Gandhi Academy of Environmental Education Research. Jiwji univercity . Gwaliar (U.P).

The Gau arka could protect mitomyncin C induced chromosomal aberration. The Arka has Volatile acids about 39mg/ltrs. These Volatile Acids are antioxidants, which show the ameliorating effect on DNA and protect DNA damage.

6. Increase of Immunity through Cows Urine (Various Parameters)

1. B cell blastogenesis – 59.5%
2. T cell blastogenesis – 64.0%
3. Serum IgG level – 19.8%
4. Serum IgM level – 19.0%
5. Serum IgA level – 0.53%
6. Macrophage function – 104.0%
7. DTH reaction – 126.0%
8. Interlukin 1 level – 30.9%
9. Interlukin 2 level – 11.0%

On the basis of chemical fingerprinting of Urine of different animals like Indigenous, cross bred, exotic, buffaloe, it is shown that Indigenous cow’s urine is highly effective whereas it is almost nil in cross bred, exotic cows and buffaloes. The special constituent in desi cow’s urine is ‘Rasayan Tatwa’ which is responsible for immune system and bio-enhancer property.

7. Effect of Panchagavya on E. coli in procured Milk.
A.Subramaniam, MD – CDCMPU. Pachapalayan, Coimbatore.

Panchagavya – Urine, Dung, Milk, Curds, Ghee and Sugarcane juice, Tender coconut water and Bananas mixed and kept for 21days. The result throws more light on the mechanic of selective destruction of E.coli in procured milk.

8. Conjugated Lineolic acid – anti cancer compound in milk.
Dale Bauman. Professor of Animal Science, Cornell Reasearch Farm Dryden.

Conjugated Lineolic acid suppresses carcinogens and inhibits colon, prostate, ovary, breast cancers and leukemia. CLA even in extremely low concentrations (0.05/=) in milk inhibits carcinogens.

9. Effect of Cow Urine on Biochemical Parameters of white leghorn layers.

Cow Urine was given to the treated group at 1ml per bird. The following results were observed.
– Serum Protein – 14.71% increase
– Serum Glucose – 37.81% increase
– Serum Calcium – 28.85% increase
– Serum cholesterol – 30.26% increase.

10. Effect of cow urine an Lymphocyte Proliferation in developing stages of chicks.
P. Kumar, G. K. Singh, R.S. Chauhan, P. P. Singh, College of Veterinary and Animal Science. Pantnagar, IVRI Izatnagar.

Distilled cow urine at 10ml/litre of drinking water was given to the chicks from age 0 to 28 days. T-cell and B-cell blastogenesis assay was performed. Lymphocyte proliferation assay shows that there is T and B cells become functional with increasing efficacy from day of hatch.

11. Agnihotra – effect on air borne microorganisms.
Archana, Divya, Shalini,Suma. BSc Microbiology – Project Report. SRN Shetty memorial college, Shimoga.

The use of cow dung cake and cows pure ghee releases Formaldehyde, Ethylene oxide, Propylene Oxide, B-propiolactone, acetylene. These gases are eco-friendly and they purify air. There was 100% reduction in fungal count and 94% reduction in bacterial count. The agnihotra ash can be used in seed treatment, soil treatment and human medicines also.

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