Audio Question & Answers with Guruji Dev Baba

These question and answers were asked by various Sadhaks and devotees to Pujya Guruji during various courses such as Yoga Nidra Course, Prarabhda Cleaning Course and Kriya Yoga courses.


Questions asked by Spiritual Aspirants

Question asked by Spiritual Aspirants like YOU and answered by Pujya Guruji himself. 

These questions may be personal to the person asking the question but the essence of spirituality is always there, which we can use in our daily lives.

Question 1 - Swami Rama - Total Surrender to Truth
Question 2 - Why Bindu Chakra is not in 7 chakras?
Question 3 - Why Upper 3 Chakras have Om Notation?
Question 4 - What comes mouth is more stronger than what we hear?
Question 5 - Self respect - Gautam Bhat
Question 6 - Attachment vs love
Question 7 - After Prarabhdha Clears will Bp and Sugar Go
Question 8 - Agnya Chakra
Question 9 - Goal Of Life
Question 10 - When does prarabhdha Start
Question 11 - Can we ask sorry immediately?
Question 12 - Gayatri Mantra - Does Negative lokas exist?
Question 13 - Can Killing mosquito give prarabhdha
Question 14 - Scolding Children
Question 15 - Dealing with people - Silence
Question 16 - Strong desires
Question 17 - Did Buddha Clear Angulimalas Prarabhdhas
Question 18 - Hurting my self - Ego
Question 19 - How to erase Self Doubt
Question 20 - Naga Dosha Bhagya Lakshmi
Question 21 - When does prarabhdha Matures?
Question 22 - Why Good people have bad times and bad people have good times?
Question 23 - Food Shreyas Bhide
Question 24 - Why God Does not give warning and solve? Bhagyalakshmi
Question 25 - Is Yoganidra a Tantra?
Question 26 - Why good people suffer and bad people enjoy?
Question 27 - How to enhance will power? - Raj SIngh
Question 28 - Shri Raam Chanting by Gayatri J
Question 29 - Story about Krishna and Butcher
Question 30 - How we can which chakra is Active - Suresh K
Question 31 - Will we have to take rebirth for fruitation of good karma?
Question 32 - Prayer effectiveness
Question 33 - Good intentions but hurting others
Question 33 - Some thought Bothering
Question 34 - Solution for Thoughts disturbing Beejamantra Practice
Question 35 - Past Life Regression
Question 36 - Minimum Sleep for Sadhakas
Question 37 - Bell sound effecting Chakras
Question 38 - Kannada - Thinking and worrying creates strong prarabhdha
Question 39 - Kannada - Does mental Diary gets conveyed to other person
Question 40 - Meaning of self realisation
Question 41 - What is the purpose of this whole creation
Question 42 - kannada - # In which chakra prarabhdha karma lies - motivation
Question 43 - How to find out which chakra is activated
Question 44 - Kannada - Are Daiva and bhootas related to Kundalini Shakthi
Question 45 - Universal Knowledge
Question 46 - How prarabhdhas vanish if one lives for 84 years
Question 47 - Does Ghost Exist
Question 48 - How does soul start its first journey
Question 49 - How to control the mind?
Question 50 - Why Great Yogis did not prevent Corona
Question 49a - Why does God make us lose the past life memory
Question 50a - Can Prarabhdhas be cleared by cleaning of Nadis
Question 51 - Why Aatman comes to earth?
Question 52 - Why one body has to suffer when previous body has done the prarabhdhas?
Question 53 - When does jeevaatma enter the mothers womb?
Question 54 - Is jeevaatma different from prana?
Question 57 - Can the Goal of life be attaining moksha?
Question 58 - Getting caught in maaya
Question 59 - Anxiety comes from mother during pregnancy
Question 60 - In this life itself can we see the aatman in Agnya Chakra
Question 61 - Achieve moksha while exiting the body
Question 62 - Karmanye vadhika rasya ma kadhachan
Question 63 - Is it true that Agnya chakra will not be opened unless all prarabhdhas cleared?
Question 64 - Sun Gazing and meditaiton


Wisdom from Guruji

This section contains wisdom talks imparted by Pujya Guruji Devbaba during the Prarabhdha Clearing online course.

We can take the full benefit by listening to these talks regularly to progress in our daily lives. 

Karma Prarabhdha
7 Points Discussion
Bhagwat Geeta First Stanza meaning
Universe has perfect Accounting System
Positive Thinking and Goal of life
Prayers may change the mind but not end product
Guru cannot give Salvation
Never look for a problem free life
Debts have to be paid
Removal of Prarabhdha
Brahma Muhurta Importance
Purpose of Life
Good Prarabhdhas nullify the bad prarabhdhas
U will never get something which is not yours and forest is green on other side
Adversity is the best University
All prarabhdhas can be nullified by willpower
To avoid prarabhdhas mind has to be built with aahar vihar vichaar
Goal Changes, Life, Will and Will power


Sadhak Experience

This section contains experiences of disciples and students that they have discovered during their spiritual journey and suggestions/ meanings of these experiences are explained by Pujya Guruji. 

Sadhak Experience
Drum Beating In Throat Chakra - Raj AC
Breathlessness during yoganidra
Tingling in middle finger - Paramjit
Body Vibration
Heart skipping a beat
Breathlessness - Samadhi
Heart to heart med
Cows and Ashram
Nothing to write in mental diary
Pain in leg while meditation - Leela Prabhakar
Restlessness during Yoganidra
Golden Light
Sadhak Experience - Raj Singh
Sadhak Experience - Flower Valley - Leela Prabhakar
Sleep During Yoganidra
Cry in Anahta Chakra
Sadhak Experience Sashidhar - Heaviness in Stomach
Tinging sensation in Ears
Vibration in Agnya Chakra
Body feeling light and cry out of love
Best Yoganidra - Saw Vishnu
Physic body comes out
Heart to Heart meditation