Vishwamata Goumata Dance Drama

Goumata is our Universal Mother! Our invaluable asset! She gives us her ‘all’ without taking anything much in return. Her milk, milk-products, urine and dung, all serve as health and medicinal products for us humans. She is the giver of healthy milk, the sustainer of agriculture, and the backbone of our national economy. Having been showered with her blessings all our lives, are we not obligated to safeguard her very existence upon this earth?

Vishwamata Goumata is a Dance Drama to spread the message to save our vanishing breed of Indian Cows. This earnest endeavor promotes this sacred mission of creating love for cows and awareness for their protection throughout the length and breadth of India.

The shows will be staged in both National (Hindi) and State (Kannada) languages. The conceptualisation and lyrics are by Shri K. V. Raman, Mangaluru and Dr M Prabhakar Joshi. The music and stage design, as well as the direction is by Shri K. V. Raman.

We are happy to announce that, as of now, we have staged 20 shows of the dance drama ‘Vishwamata Goumata’ in the southern parts of India. We are committed to complete a further 20 stage performances, in and around the northern parts of India, well before December 31st, 2017. All of you are invited to participate in this Gouseva venture by facilitating the staging of this dance drama in your own home-town or at nearby places.

We invite all our satsanga members, meditators and all the people to express their solidarity towards the cause of our divine cows.

The shows are being initiated by the gracious efforts of our Dhyanis and Satsangs, at their home locations. With these efforts and with the grace of our Poojya Guruji, our sacred mission has been set rolling.

Poojya Guruji requests each one of you, to extend your individual support in putting out all efforts towards the successful staging of this venerable dance drama “Vishwamata Goumata” at your own home locations. With your earnest efforts, we are confident that this dance drama can be staged successfully, at your respective home locations. Please do contact us for any further support or details, required to successfully carry out this task. We have already witnessed the deep impact made by this dance drama in the hearts of cow-lovers and other lay people where the drama was staged.

Serving the cows is tantamount to serving the Guru. This is a God-given opportunity for Gouseva, whereby you may through your best efforts release your ‘prarabdas’ which in turn will help you engage in better meditation. Over and above, you will gain the satisfaction of having participated in this Gouseva mission and of having served our Goumatha and Guru through this noble endeavour

Let us together promote our Poojya Guruji’s mission of creating love and awareness towards our divine breed of cattle, throughout the length and breadth of India by assisting in the staging of this venerable performance – “Vishwamata Goumata”.