Shaktidarshan Yogashram

shakti darshan yogashram
Shaktidarshan Yogashram
Music Hall in Ashram
Shaktidarshan Yogashram
Guruji Dev Baba

Each one of us, as we struggle with our life, at some time or the other, seek to follow the inward trail to wisdom. At such times, it is reassuring to have a spiritual lineage that we can turn to, and offers us answers to the manifold questions that arise in our minds. What we then need is inspiration and guidance from those who have traversed the path, struggled with similar issues and have eventually conquered the obstacles to the path of Self-realisation.

Shri Shaktidarshan Yogashram, is one such institution, dedicated to aiding fellow beings to grow mentally and spiritually through yogic practices such as meditation, kriya yoga, atma vidya and other allied practices. It is headed by Shri Devadas Rao, our Poojya Guruji, an erstwhile official of the Vijaya Bank. Guruji is an established yogacharya and spiritual teacher belonging to the Himalayan tradition. The ashram serves as a retreat for those who wish to seek the meaning and wisdom within. Nestled in the groves of Kinnigoli, at the outskirts of Mangalore City, Karnataka State, India, the Shri Shaktidarshan Yogashram is situated at a distance of 8 Kms from Mulki, 365 Kms from Bangalore and 875 Kms from Mumbai with easy accessibility through rail, road and air.

Amongst the thick foliage, at a place where young Devadas was often found meditating, the Shri Shaktidarshan Yogashram sprang up, at the divine and express orders of the Himalayan Masters, with help from dedicated ‘dhyana-bandhus, in the year 1994. The ashram stands on a two-acres land, donated in the year 1992 by a retired Headmaster of a local High School – a generous and devoted soul – the Late Shri Balakrishna Shastry.

The ashram is managed by dedicated ‘sadhakas’ and trustees, and is open to all, irrespective of caste, creed or religious disposition. Meditators and like-minded people are invited to come and participate in the various scheduled activities conducted at the ashram, all through the year. The serene ambience of the ashram promotes feelings of peace and joy and one cannot help basking in its tranquil yet vibrant environment. The meditation cave within the premises and the pyramid-shaped cubicles set in the ashram grounds are conducive to silent meditation and yogic practices.

Over the years, the increasing popularity of the place and its sanctity has attracted many devotees from India and the world at large. Yoganagar, comprising of small-sized living quarters for dedicated meditators, each with a room sporting a pyramid-shaped roof conducive for meditation, was built soon thereafter.  Sadhvi Malathi Amma, an ardent and dedicated, meditator devotee of Pujya Guruji, since year 2000, resides at one such abode. Interestingly, she has been subsisting without food or water since over the past twenty years.  She is an enigma, though a great support to the dedicated meditators.

Shaktidarshan Yogashram
Devotees of Ashram
Kapila Dhama - Home for desi cows
Guruji with Violin
Violin class by Shri Devbaba