Our Ashram continues with the following directives to tackle the pandemic:

  • Satchintana Programmes and Public Meets stand cancelled indefinitely.
  • All regular Ashram activities – Kundalini Beejamantra, Meditation with Music,
  • All-Night Meditation, Moon light dinner & others remain cancelled.
  • Silver Jubilee Programmes are postponed to the coming year.
  • Release date of the Silver Jubilee Souvenir will be announced later.
  • No Accommodation facilities for Visitors to Ashram till further notice.
  • New visitors, especially Non-Meditators, will not be allowed within the Ashram.
  • Guruji observes silence between the period 1st to 15th of every month.
  • Phone calls or requests to meet Guruji will not be permitted, during this period.
  • Guruji will not be available without prior appointments, under all situations.
  • Guruji has been meditating during the period 9.30 pm to 12.30 pm, daily, for eradication of the ongoing pandemic and for World Peace and Harmony.

Please do join with Guruji by meditating from your homes during this period.
Dhyanabandhus are requested to adhere to the above-mentioned directives.