Agnihotra Homa
What is Agnihotra?

What is Agnihotra?- The Science behind Agnihotra

Agnihotra is miracle healing Homa Therapy.

Agnihotra is the most basic yagnya (fire ceremony). ‘Agni’ in sanskrit means fire and ‘hotra’ means healing. So basically agnihotra can be called the healing fire. It is the purification of the atmosphere through the medium of fire.

Nature heals, but what do we do when Nature Herself needs healing due to saturated levels of pollution in her atmosphere, water and soil?

Agnihotra is a super science from ancient wisdom, given in these times as an antidote to pollution.

Agnihotra is the pivotal Healing Fire of HOMA THERAPY.

Agnihotra is a gift to humanity from the ancient most Vedic sciences of bio-energy, medicine, agriculture and climate engineering. It is a simple 10-minute process, yet it is healing entire environments, including farmland and crops and is also restoring the mental, emotional and physical health of people all over the world.

By performing Agnihotra regularly a biosphere is built wherein pollution is neutralized, the environment is vitalized and nourished and a special peaceful atmosphere is created. Sitting in an Agnihotra atmosphere heals the mental, emotional and physical bodies from stress and tension so nicely, delicately, effortlessly.

It is performed by burning Indian cow’s dried dung smeared in desi cow ghee in a copper pyramid vessel of specific dimensions. Then, at the precise timings of sunrise and sunset based on the latitude and longitude of a particular place, an offering of unpolished rice is made to the fire uttering a sanskrit mantra.

Agnihotra Facts

When Agnihotra is performed, the Agnihotra smoke gathers particles of harmful radiation in the atmosphere and on a very subtle level, neutralizes their radioactive effect. Nothing is destroyed, merely changed. Agnihotra ash totally solves the radiation problem. Even more so Agnihotra negates its effect. Agnihotra neutralizes harmful radiation and cleanses the planet. Agnihotra has the capacity to protect from thermal radiation and radioactive fallout

Agnihotra Mantras

Sunrise Mantra

Sooryáya Swáhá I Sooryáya Idam Na Mama I

Prajápataye Swáhá I Prajápataye Idam Na Mama I

Sunset Mantra

Agnaye Swáhá I Agnaye Idam¹ Na Mama I

Prajápataye Swáhá I Prajápataye Idam Na Mama I

Material for Agnihotra

Copper is a very good conductor of heat and electricity. When the organic materials are burnt in presence of copper it creates copper oxide, copper sulphate, copper chloride and other gases. Apart from its extensive heat transmission, copper is also considered as the best metal for agnihotra due to its productive nature of creating high spiritual healing energy which cannot be achieved from any other metal. Pyramids are capable of drawing positive energy and vibration from atmosphere. The pyramid shaped vessel enhances and decentralizes the spiritual and positive vibrations thus created from this process.

Cowdung contains anti – bacterial elements such as Menthol, Ammonia, Phenol, Indol, Formalin. It eradicates the pathogens and is a recognized disinfectant. It is the foremost substance on this planet that resists radioactivity. Moreover the cow dung has to be obtained from Indian desi breed of cows.

Oblations of cow’s ghee offered to the yagnya fire purifies the atmosphere, spreads a pleasant fragrance in it. The evil effects of all the chemically poisonous gases that are floating in the atmosphere due to severe pollution are nullified when yagnya is performed with offerings of Indian cow’s pure ghee. Gases produced by the burning of cow’s pure ghee acts in balancing the cycle of nature.

Uunpolished whole rice grains have a balancing yin and yang effect. Many ethereal oils are released during the process of combustion and chemical reactions are set off.


Oblations are offered to the fire after uttering the mantras with unpolished rice mixed with cow ghee. 4 types of gases that are produced with the burning of the oblations have been recognized during this process. They are:

  • Ethylene Oxide,
  • Propylene Oxide,
  • Formaldehyde and,
  • Butapropiolactone.

After the oblations are offered to the fire, cow’s ghee produces acetylene, the energy of excessive heat, which sucks in the polluted air and purifies it. The gases that are produced from the burning of the cow’s ghee possess the wonderful capacity of removing mental tensions and curing many diseases.