Composition of Cow’s Urine

Cow Urine Composition Admittedly, you are extremely curious about what the distillate of cow’s urine contains! After all, even modern healthcare practitioners are emphasising upon the goodness of gou-mutra and its splendidly positive impact on acute and chronic diseases. Well, if we were to analyse the contents of cow’s urine, we would find several vitamins, […]

Cowpathy Cancer Cure Research

Cowpathy Cancer Cure Research Cowpathy In Effective Cancer Cure : Endorsement through Research Adequate numbers of experimental confirmation on the healing efficiency of cow urine on several ailments have been reported with reliable data. However, scientific validation of those outcomes through standard procedures is required to build global acceptability of this healing approach [18]. Several […]

Cowpathy For Cancer Cure

Cowpathy For Cancer Cure Cowpathy For Cancer Cure: Clinical Practice And Case Studies Some of the available practical examples of the success stories of Cowpathy in improving the health/curing cancer as case studies of clinical data by Cowpathy practitioners collected from different sources are presented below: Oro-Pharyngeal Carcinoma- A Case Report: A patient (63-year-old woman) from […]

Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Diagnosis of Cancer On suspension of possibility of cancer the physician recommends for specific diagnostic procedures to a patient. For example, lumps in any parts of the body, enlarged liver, pancreas or prostate gland, etc are recommended for X-ray imaging, ultrasound scanning or MRI, depending on the situation. Blood tests are […]

What Causes cancer?

What Causes cancer? Cancer remains enigmatic, as far as the causes are concerned. A correct list of causes cannot be charted out as it is a condition of multiple causes and reasons. However, several risk factors have been identified with cancer. As the risk factors are wide, complex and unavoidable in many cases, all are […]