Cow Urine Composition

Admittedly, you are extremely curious about what the distillate of cow’s urine contains! After all, even modern healthcare practitioners are emphasising upon the goodness of gou mutra and its splendidly positive impact on acute and chronic diseases.

Well, if we were to analyse the contents of cow’s urine, we would find several vitamins, specific minerals, enzymes, lactose, other minerals, gold acids and hormones. Each has a unique function to perform within the human body.


S. NoIngredient/Element
Function of Ingredient/Element
1Vitamins A,B,C,D,EProvide energy, strengthen bones and power of reproduction, reduce nervousness and alleviate thirst.
2Sodium (Na)Prevents hyperacidity and balances electrolyte levels in blood.
3Potassium (K)Enhances appetite (appetizer), reduces muscle fatigue and lethargy, and cures hereditary rheumatism.
4Phosphate (PO4)Flushes out stones, if any, obstructing the urinary tract.
5Salt (NaCl)Reduces acidic contents in bloodstream and counteracts actions of harmful microbes.
6Calcium (Ca)Strengthens bones and teeth.
7Manganese (Mn)Germicide and prevents ill-effects of gangrene (if any).
8Ammonia (NH3)Stabilisation of airs, bile and mucous. Maintenance of integrity of blood tissue and other body tissues.
9Nitrogen (N)Removes toxins and other foreign bodies from blood. It is a diuretic that promotes healthy functioning of kidneys and urinary tract system.
10Sulphur (S)Blood purifier, which also enhances bowel movement via intestinal peristalsis.
11Iron (Fe)Responsible for production of red blood cells and haemoglobin. Provides energy for work.
12Copper (Cu)Prevents uncontrolled deposition of fats.
13CreatinineStrong anti-microbial agent.
14Urea (CO(NH2)2)A strong anti-microbial agent obtained via protein metabolism, it ensures good urine formation and removal.
15Uric Acid (C5H4N4O3)An anti-microbial agent and diuretic, which prevents infections and inflammations by destroying toxins, uric acid also prevents abnormal swelling of the heart.
16Carbolic Acid (HCOOH)
Germicide and prevents ill-effects of gangrene (if any).
17Hipuric Acid (CgNgNox)Removes poisonous substances through urine.
18Other MineralsEnhance overall immunity.
19Aurum Hydroxide (AuOH)Germicide, antibiotic and anti-toxic agent, for increasing immunity.
20EnzymesImprove digestion and immunity.
21Water (H2O)Elixir of life, which ensures the fluidity of blood and regulation of body temperature.
22Lactose (C6H12O6)Strengthens the heart, nervous system and oral cavity. Reduces thirst and enhances satiety.
23Allantoin Heals tumours and wounds.
24PhenolsAct against harmful fungi and bacteria.
25Anti-Cancer SubstancesPrevent the multiplication of cancer cells.
26GonadotropinPromotes sperm production and healthy menstrual cycle.
27Colony Stimulating FactorPromotes cell division and multiplication.
28Erythropoietin Stimulating FactorImproves production of red blood cells.
29Enzyme UrokinaseImproves blood circulation, dissolves blood clots and prevents worsening of heart disease.
30KallikreinThe release of Kallidin lowers blood pressure by expanding the peripheral veins.

On a final note, if you can obtain urine from a cow, which is eight months pregnant, you may consider yourself lucky. The urine comprises of wonderfully nutrient-rich hormones.