Cowpathy For Cancer Cure

Cowpathy For Cancer Cure: Clinical Practice And Case Studies

Some of the available practical examples of the success stories of Cowpathy in improving the health/curing cancer as case studies of clinical data by Cowpathy practitioners collected from different sources are presented below:

  1. Oro-Pharyngeal Carcinoma- A Case Report: A patient (63-year-old woman) from Kasargod district of Kerala state in November 2003 was presented to Kasargod Institute of Medical Sciences, Kasragod, Kerala, with stage IV squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil, and was treated with radiotherapy. Even though the carcinoma of tonsil is highly sensitive to radiations, it is unable to cure the IVth stage. The presented patient showed nasal regurgitation, dysphagia, dyspnoea and was spitting blood at times. The patient was supposed to succumb to the tonsillar neoplasia as evinced by the cachectic appearance and the severity of the symptoms suggesting a poor prognosis. She was later advised to take 15 ml of ”Amrutha Sara‟ (cow urine distillate) twice a day and was asked to come after 2 weeks for the follow-up. On the first follow-up visit the patient had shown improvement in the symptoms and was able to take small quantities of liquid food without the help of feeding tube. The same therapy was continued for a period of 10 months with which the patient was completely cured of the disease. After the cow urine therapy, the physical examination revealed no visible oropharyngeal lesions and no cervical palpable lymph glands. The malignant lesions in tonsils and secondary lesions in lymph glands were effectively controlled. The surface of the tonsillar fossa and fauces were smooth and showed no evidence of tumor growth. The tonsillar malignancy disappeared completely which suggested the antineoplastic effects of cow urine distillate”. [Source:7]
  2. “Mr Kamlesh kumar Agarwal, a native of Kareli Dist. Narsinghpur (MP) suffered from a cancer near the kidney due to which his kidney became nearly non-functional and inspite of different known cancer-therapies, there was no improvement in his health. After the use of “Kamdhenu Ark‟ prescribed by the Cowpathy physicians, Nagpur, 98% improvement was reported in his cancer”.  [Source:7]
  3. “Mr. Ram Sagar Singh, a native of Begusaray, North Bihar got 80% improvement in the throat cancer after cow urine therapy.” [Source:7]
  4. ” Smt. Seema Verma , resident of Jainagar (north Bihar), was completely cured from brest cancer by taking kamdhenu ark. Mr. Babulal Rungta, got affected with cancer suffered from chronic renal failure, with serum creatinine and urea level being 10.4 and 107, respectively, and was kept on dialysis twice a week. After cow urine therapy (Kamdhenu Ark) his serum creatinine and urea levels were dropped down to 5.3 and 63, respectively with a drastic improvement in the functioning of kidneys and relieving of cancer“. [Source:7]
  5. “Mr. Nanak Bhosray Dhingra, a patient suffering from multiple myeloma and severe waist pain showed improvement with the cow urine therapy”. [Source:7]
  6. Stage – IV Oro Pharyngeal Carcinoma Undergoes Complete Regression -(Clinical Study By Dr. Varmudy S.S): Carcinoma of Tonsil is most Radiosensitive of all the tumors in the oropharynx. However irradiation cures none in stage IV. The survival rate of combined surgery and radio therapy for stage IV carcinoma of tonsil, with partial response to radiotherapy, cured of her disease by Gomutra Arka – an Ayurvedic medicine as a carcino chemotherapeutic agent. It is quite possible that different extracts of cow’s urine would have different efficacy due to differential consumption of herbs by the cows, depending upon their geographic location. The concentration of the components of Gomutra required (Standardisation) for different diseases including Cancer, is yet to be known. Till that is achieved, the results will vary, and Gomutra should be advised with caution, as the line of treatment. Arka may find a place as a Carcino Chemotherapeutic agent without side effects in future. This needs more research. Further case studies involving the successful use of Gomutra Arka, are to be brought to medical attention and the benefits to be passed on to the general population. [Source:22]
  7. A 37 year old NRI called Mr. Amit Vaidya, from Los Angeles, US represents one of the most interesting success stories on Cowpathy. He is a successful Industrialist with flourishing business in the US and got afflicted with stomach cancer. He tried all treatments and finally given 6 months of life by the doctors. He returned to India to die. But tired Cowpathy, comprising consumption of cow urine, raw milk of the cow, fresh gobar baths followed by high level of self-discipline. To his own surprise, he got cured of cancer and started an NGO Healing Vaidya for cancer care. More details his story can be read at or Mr. Vaidya’s autobiography “Holy Caner and How A Cow Saved My Life”.  [Source:23]
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