How to Do Agnihotra?

Materials for Agnihotra How to do Agnihotra? The Process of Agnihotra. The process of doing agnihotra has to understood very clearly before starting the agnihotra practice. Once understood clearly one has to just follow a fixed routine with discipline to reap its benefits. Things that are required for practicing Agnihotra. 1) Copper Pyramid Vessel. 2) […]

Process of Agnihotra

Process of Agnihotra Process of Agnihotra Scientifically speaking there is a lot of science in there that one understands. Lately the science has started taking note and lately in the sense since 1984. So right from 1942 to 1984 science never looked at agnihotra beyond one of the religious rituals of hindu religion as what […]

What is Agnihotra?

What is Agnihotra? What is Agnihotra?- The Science behind Agnihotra Agnihotra is miracle healing Homa Therapy. Agnihotra is the most basic yagnya (fire ceremony). ‘Agni’ in sanskrit means fire and ‘hotra’ means healing. So basically agnihotra can be called the healing fire. It is the purification of the atmosphere through the medium of fire. Nature […]

Frequently asked Questions

Agnihotra FAQ Agnihotra FAQ’s Should one chant OM before the Agnihotra Mantra “Om” is not be chanted while saying the agnihotra mantra. Generally it is assumed that the agnihotra mantra has a religious connotation to it. It is not true. Agnihotra is a aopasana Homa. Aopasana mean something to do with Upasana, the worshipping. It […]

Agnihotra Principle and Miracle ash

Agnihotra Miracle Ash Agnihotra Principle and Miracle Ash The technical principle of agnihotra is very definite. The Vedic principle talks about “Pushtivardhana” where pushti is nutrition. During sunrise and sunset particular conditions are created and there is surge of lot of energies coming towards earth and hitting earth exactly where the sun is rising or […]