Agnihotra Miracle Ash

Agnihotra Principle and Miracle Ash

The technical principle of agnihotra is very definite. The Vedic principle talks about “Pushtivardhana” where pushti is nutrition. During sunrise and sunset particular conditions are created and there is surge of lot of energies coming towards earth and hitting earth exactly where the sun is rising or setting. At that point of time a huge column of energy is created going right upto 12 kms to the sky and when it descends back again it carries a lot of nutritious stuff.

Science has two dimensions to the healing properties of agnihotra. One is the clinical dimension and the other is the empirical dimension.

Millions of people have been healed physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and in all other aspects of human life. It has a holistic effect on the human existence.

The second is the impact on the environment. The major issue today is the environment outside as well as the environment within the human existence, that is the mind and the emotions. It has been observed that within an area of almost 100 sq mtrs the impact is so strong that even the, plant kingdom get benefited. In the ecological environment, the balance is well maintained by agnihotra. This is not only been proved by scientific measurement but also in terms of life experiences of many people. The easiest way is to find out what happens to human body during and after agnihotra.

It has been told from the vedic times that the sunrise and sunset times are the two very important times that reset the cycle of one’s life, especially breathing. Breathing is the core of human existence. Both the nostrils start functioning at this time and this is the reason that since age old times elders have been telling not to sleep around this time. People should be awake at the time of sunrise and sunset. This is the time where one gets an opportunity to start your rhythmic breathing, balanced breathing and that sets the tone for the whole day and if this opportunity is missed the imbalance will be carried throughout the day.

It has been found that the agnihotra ash which is left behind is far more superior chemically. The chemical analysis of agnihotra ash has unexplainable properties. The ash is nothing but a combination of rice grains, Indian breed cows ghee (clarified butter made from Indian cows milk), the copper vessel and Indian cow’s dung. In the chemical composition of these ingredients there is maximum of 34 chemical elements present. but Something surprising happens when you burn together at sunrise time . if it is analyzed, the ash which is formed after the agnihotra will have 92 chemical elements. Scientises are puzzeled as to where this additional 58 elements came from. Because of this unusual phenomena it has been called as miracle ash.

Agnihotra Facts

When Agnihotra is performed, the Agnihotra smoke gathers particles of harmful radiation in the atmosphere and on a very subtle level, neutralizes their radioactive effect. Nothing is destroyed, merely changed. Agnihotra ash totally solves the radiation problem. Even more so Agnihotra negates its effect. Agnihotra neutralizes harmful radiation and cleanses the planet. Agnihotra has the capacity to protect from thermal radiation and radioactive fallout