Process of Agnihotra

Process of Agnihotra

Scientifically speaking there is a lot of science in there that one understands. Lately the science has started taking note and lately in the sense since 1984. So right from 1942 to 1984 science never looked at agnihotra beyond one of the religious rituals of hindu religion as what it was considered to be. But in 1984 as I was told by Vasant Paranjpe, now Vasant Rao Paranjpe is the father of Agnihotra that we know off today the one who is instrumental in spreading the agnihotra.

But in 1984 as I was told by Vasant Paranjpe, now Vasant Rao Paranjpe is the father of Agnihotra that we know off today the one who is instrumental in spreading the agnihotra all over the world and he was a staunch disiple of Shri Gajanan Maharaj. Gajanan Maharaj, in 1969 had initiated him in this path and in 1972 asked him to go to Peru. And that is where he started spreading agnihotra philosophy all over the world. And he was telling me in 1984 he witnessed a very sad event of Union Carbide Bhopal Gas leakage incident and millions of people suffered and thousands died. And at that point of time they realized and the scientists also realized that in some of the houses nothing really happened in spite of being in the midst of the chaos. And when they traced back they found that agnihotra was the common factor. This actually alarmed science to some extent.,

The real impact of agnihotra in human life and in disasters and in critical situations happened in 1985 after the Chernobyl accident that happened in the border of Russia and Poland at that point of time. And lot of nuclear radiation leaked. And that affected lot of people. This was such a dangerous accident that it had a long term impact on those areas which were affected by it.

That was the time when Vasant Raoji had been telling me that the Polish government took everything seriously and was desperately trying to find out the reason behind it. But modern science had nothing much to offer. The moment the radiation happened, there was nothing that could work as an antidote. The army chief of the polish army came to India at Akkalkot and he performed agnihotra and he learnt agnihotra. They did some agnihotra and took the agnihotra ash in a special glass container which was specially produced for this purpose.

Actually that created lot of interest in the scientists mind and they realised two things that when the agnihotra was performed, some of the villages in Poland there were people who were doing agnihotra in Poland also and there was a lady called Keryl Hershell who is till now a strong follower of agnihotra. She was telling me herself that in that particular village who were doing a lot of agnihotra not ever one person or cattle was affected even thought the place was very close to the place of accident. Suddenly the whole of Poland started taking note of that and they realized that agnihotra is something which has phenomenal success in curbing the radioactive leaks and after effects of nuclear radiation. Thereafter he started spreading all over.

Agnihotra Facts

Experiments with Agnihotra Homa in harmed forests have demonstrated that after a short time trees did sprout again, growing of eczema was reduced, the pH-value of a sour soil did increase from 4,6 to 6,8. Pests such as bark beetle disappeared from the experimental area, and the animals in the forest became very confiding. In general, even shy deer and fox are attracted by the fire techniques and feel well in the vicinity of Homa.