Guruji, What is the Importance of Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga is the greatest spiritual tool available to modern man who is lost in the affairs of this world. It is very difficult for people to stick to meditation in the midst of their multitude of duties and responsibilities. Most people get lost in their efforts, trying to make both ends meet, feeding and clothing their families, keeping up with the requirements of the society that they live in, etc. etc. Therefore, it is very important that Kriya Yoga should be practiced by all, day and night, even in the midst of any chaos they may be in.

It is the fastest and easiest route of obtaining God-consciousness. It is also the greatest way of destroying the temptations that one is subjected to, in this earthly life. Kriya Yoga technique is a unique method of generating joy within you. When you engage in the practice of Kriya continuously, no evil or temptation will be able to touch you. While others engage in idle talks and chatter, you can go to a corner of your room and by putting on the Kriya bell, engage yourself wholeheartedly in a Kriya Yoga session.

Just as dust settles on the mirror, moments after you have cleaned it, so also the dust of this world settles upon your mind, continuously. So, just as you clean your mirror every single day, so also, practice these techniques every single day of your life.

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