In the last Satchintana you have mentioned that God is Para Brahma Swarupi. Please explain the meaning of “Para Brahma”.

God is nothing but one’s belief. Existence of God is a universal truth. Believing it or not depends upon the individual. Indian culture, known as sanatan dharma, divides knowledge into two parts – ‘apara vidhya’ and ‘para-vidhya’

Whatever we see, hear or experience in the outside world through our five senses is known as ‘apara vidhya’. In ‘apara vidhya’ all knowledge is obtained through our mind. Human beings are slaves of the mind and the mind acts as an emperor in all decisions pertaining to the outside world. Yet it is necessary to remember that decisions of the mind are generally wrong and may lead us to hell. That is why a man of wisdom always thinks twice before he acts.

Unlike human beings, mind is a slave of God. ‘Para-vidhya’ is the outcome of knowledge from the inner self or God. It is an experience of a yogi especially during the Samadhi state in meditation. In the Vedas ‘para shakthi’ and ‘para brahma swarupa’ are explained as the “knowledge of self”. This can be understood only by a yogi. So “para-brahma” is nothing but ‘paramananda’ – universal happiness that exists in the Universe and can also be explained as the Creator of creation.

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