Cow Shelter Gaushala

Help us Build more Gaushalas to protect Cows from being Slaughtered.

Lakhs of Indian breeds of cows are being brutally murdered for meat and exports and it has become more than necessary to build a cow shelter where these divine beings can be saved. We have the zest to help these holy cows but we do not have the space or financial support to take care of them. We are taking care of over 400 cows in our Surabhivana Gaushala and Shakthi darshan Yogashram. Here the cows are not just loved and taken care of – they are worshipped. Any kind of help from generous donors like you will assist sick cows and help us build more Gaushalas and cow shelter houses so that we can stop old and sick cows from reaching the slaughter houses.

Save the Divine Cows from getting extinct

Ever wondered about the significance of a gaushala? Why save cows? Why saving the indigenous breeds or the Indian breeds (Bos Indicus -Zebu) of cows is so important?Well, the cow is not a mere animal for the Hindus. As per the Vedic and Vaishnav cultures, Cow is a Supreme, divine being – an earthly embodiment of God. It is believed to be the abode of Hindu deities and has been treated as auspicious and a symbol of piousness and compassion.
This is the reason Cow has always been referred to as Goumatha. We learn from Vedic philosophy that we have seven mothers- The mother who delivers us, followed by the nurse who brings us into this world, the Brahman’s wife, the king’s wife, our spiritual master’s wife, the earth and the cow, by virtue of its nourishing us with her nutritious milk. To consume milk from the cow and then harm or even kill her is the same as harming or killing one’s mother. As one would love and protect his mother, so he must love and protect the Cow. All mothers deserve a position of respect. Protecting cows is the most critical component of protecting Mother Earth.
Save CowsSave the Earth
The ever-growing human population must be fed continuously. So does the earth needs to be nourished regularly? Using chemical fertilizers and urea gradually degrades the earth rendering the soil infertile and sterile leading to a potential crisis. The only infallible and real way of doing this is by saving and nurturing our indigenous breed of cows. These cows have the right microbial nutrients and organic matter to revitalize and nourish the earth. Cow dung is the most effective way to revive the earth that is on the brink of becoming barren and uncultivable. It is high time that we humans get over the belief of just extracting the benefits from nature and never giving a thought to giving it back or nurturing our Earth. Also, India is losing its wealth of genetic resources in the form of domesticated animals. We are losing our native breeds due to misdirected crossbreeding with exotic stock and the slaughter of animals for export. With domestic breeds well-adapted to the local climatic conditions and resistant to disease gradually getting replaced with foreign and cross breeds, there is a state of imbalance that is being created. The ‘Elitist’ approach is the major reason why our local breeds are being neglected. The blind acceptance of Western notions has resulted in ignoring distinctive breeds that have adapted to the local conditions over thousands of years. This is the reason why our great Saints, Spiritual Masters; Gurus are attempting to create a conscious awareness of saving and protecting the Indigenous cows.

Trust Ayurveda - The Oldest Indian Medical System

A concoction of 5 cow products, A2 milk, curd, Desi ghee, Gaumutra and cow dung- Panchagavya is a miraculous elixir which can cure many diseases; it prolongs longevity, fosters a peaceful heart,
besides providing physical and mental health. Recommended strongly by the scriptures as being both safe and holy, Indians have benefitted from multifarious applications of Panchagavya. Moreover any Fire ritual is not complete without cow dung cakes. Ayurveda is incomplete without our indigenous breed of cows.
Only the Desi Indian cows have that characteristic hump with a Surya Ketu Nadi, a vein that passes through the backbone and absorbs the sun’s rays, resulting in a golden hue to its milk, ghee and butter. The cow’s milk and gaumutra are endowed with several minerals that offers cure to diverse diseases of the human body.
Follow the leaders
It is time for a change and the revered great leaders and saints in India have already started taking steps to initiate a change. Brahmarshi Devraha Babaji, Pujya Guruji Dev Baba, Mahatma Gandhiji, our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, Sadhguru Ji, Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji, and several others have devoted their lives in creating awareness about indigenous breeds. It is high time that we join them in this movement to create a change in society.

Begin your day with Gratitude

Our mornings cannot start without a cup of coffee of tea. Where does this milk come from? It comes from our cows. All our major food products like Ghee, butter, curd and cheese without which we cannot live comes from cows. It is high time we show gratitute to mother cow and do our best to save them. Please do not fall into the trap of the western notion that milk is simply not necessary. If you want to start your day with the spiritual vibrations of cows then its is high time we protect them. Adopt a cow today and help us in our mission to prevent indigenous cow breeds from ending up in slaughter houses.

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