Cow By-Products

Man and cow have centuries of association and probably cow is the pioneer among the domestic animals in human history. The cow is a part of the human household in almost all regions of the world since ancient times. Unlike any other domestic animal, cow provides multiple products, and hence called as “Kamadhenu”, meaning the ‘One who fulfills all desires’, in the Hindu scriptures.  Cows are domesticated mainly for the production of milk, which used to be the one and the only nutraceutical consumed by households during the olden times. Therefore, milk is the primary product of the cows for which they were domesticated and raised at the commercial level in dairy farming.

Cow By Products are many but remained less obvious. The herald of Cowpathy as a novel approach of healing has gained momentum during the last few decades and attained distinct identity among the alternative medicine sector. As Cowpathy explores and utilizes the potential of all products of cows for different applications in medicine, nutrition, cosmetics, hygiene, and so on, cow by-products are coming to the forefront of consumables during recent times. Adding to this is the plethora of new finished food and nutritional products derived from cow milk, developed during the recent years, which added more value to the cow milk.

Cow Urine ranks first among the cow by-products today, with a global demand and enjoying a market of billions of Rupees. Cow urine acts as a raw material for medicinal formulations under the banner of Cowpathy. Cow urine treatment is widely applicable for majority of human ailments like common cold to complex disorders like cancer and AIDS. Apart from human treatment, cow urine and formulations derived from it are extensively used in agriculture as biofertilizer and biopesticide. Other uses of cow urine include cosmetics, where it finds a place in hair care and skin care products.

Cow Dung is another precious cow by-product. Traditional uses of cow dung are limited as manure, as a  supplement to firewood in households and in Hindu religious rituals. However, this humble product of the cow has evolved to the status of a commercial commodity during the last few decades owing to its newfound applications on various levels. Production of biogas, preparation of cow dung bricks, fireboards, paper, insect repellent, incense sticks, etc. are some of the prominent products where cow dung is being utilized.  In addition to these, a new application like remediation of radioactive fallout from the explosion of nuclear bombs, an accidental fallout from nuclear reactors, fission reactions, etc. is under exploration. This if turns successful, would elevate the status of cow dung in the commercial market to a greater height. Use of cow dung as a manure is still in practice in agriculture. It acts as a growth enhancer and soil conditioner for agriculture, as it facilitates the growth and proliferation of useful microorganisms in the soil.

Therefore, the value of Dairy Farming is gaining more and more commercial advantages and advancement through Cow By Products.

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