Cow Manure in Agriculture & Farming

Cow Manure of Cow dung can be directly used or you can be dry it into to dung cakes and apply it in a powder form to the soil for high production. Cow manure consists of Phosphorous, Potassium and Nitrogen, and when you apply this manure to the crops, the nutrients are absorbed by the plants at a steady speed. When the dung is fresh, it contains 86% of water content, which helps the soil to remain moist throughout its growing period. Using cow urine has its own impact on the soil, and generally restores micronutrients in the soil, giving the leaves a more greenish color than those that were grown by applying urea. The texture of the soil undergoes a radical change, thereby creating a favorable condition for the earthworms to thrive.

Here is an Article from SFGate written by Sarah Moore on The Advantages of Cow Manure.

Preparation of Jeeva Amrut

Jeeva Amruth, a natural fertilizer used for organic farming, provides a high crop yield. Try it now, and you will find amazing results. A video on the Preparation of Jeeva Amrut, by Amibath Patra (Published on Youtube on 6 September 2013) shows you an easy method of preparing this concoction, using 200 liters of de chlorinated water, 10 kilograms Of Indian cow’s dung (the fresher, the better), 5 to 10 liters of Indian cow’s urine (the older, the better), one kilo of Jaggery, one handful of soil from the field (not pesticide contaminated), 1 kg of Bengal gram or Red gram flour.

These ingredients are mixed in a big barrel, covered it such a way as to ensure that sunlight does not filter into the barrel, stored for about 48 hours, and stirred with a wooden or iron bar, three times a day. After 48 hours, this solution is ready to use and you will see a substantial increase of microorganisms in the soil. Alternatively, you can prepare Jeeva Amrut with the same ingredients except water. Mix Cow dung, Jaggery, a handful of soil and gram flour in a container and blend it well. Subsequently, sprinkle cow urine on the mixture, and make it wet. Again, after blending well, the mixture is made into balls and then used under the crops.

Improvement of Health from Consuming Organic, Chemical-Free Food

All human beings want to live safe by consuming organic food. Detailed studies have seen positive changes in the health of human beings. Organic food intake will give you increased presence of nutritionally required antioxidants that cleanse your body, and reduce the intake of harmful mineral compounds that can add toxicity to the human bodies. These toxins have resulted in cancer, autism and ADHD-like disorders in the newly born. Do not hesitate, go for organic farming at least to make sure your children and the generations that follow can stay long and healthy, and live without fear of getting affected by these harmful chemicals. Organic farming also avoids air, water or land pollution, which also have a direct relation to the health of human being.

Indian Breed Cow Manure Is a Boon for Organic Farming. We have explained above the advantages of the Indian cow’s urine and dung that are called “Gomutra” and “Gobar”. Cow dung refers to the undigested part of the plants eaten by the cow that pass through the cow’s gut. It is the best natural fertilizer from nature. Shri Rajiv Dixit explains in his video on “Organic Farming Zero Budget Farming Formula” (Published on YouTube on 18 Feb 2014), that farmers who replace chemical pesticides with Indian cow’s dung and urine in a preparation called Jeev Amrut stand to gain greatly for the following reasons. A standard mixture of 10 kilos cow dung, 10 liters of cow urine, jaggery, and basin powder, one handful of soil from the land and 200 liters of water, mixed well (stored for 12 days) is sufficient to fertilize one acre of farmland and obtain almost double the yield that farming with urea gives. He goes on to explain how the earthworms in the mix multiply by the millions and help to churn the soil, (a work that is done normally by a tractor) and supply the soil and the plants with the required nitrogen, calcium and iron. Where urea costs Rs.300-500, the Jeev Amrut mix for one acre may cost less than ₹100.

Our successful ancient mode of agriculture came to a stop after the emergence of chemical fertilizers. But now consumers are slowly coming to grips with the ill-effects of food treated with chemical fertilizers, and this has led to a great flurry in the demand of organic farming with the use of natural fertilizers without pesticides. India, having a large cow population, provides a huge quantity of natural fertilizers like cow dung and urine, a great boon to organic farming.

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