Go Dhanam Benefits

Go Dhanam Benefits Go Dhanam The word ‘Go’ has its origin in Sanskrit with various meanings like ‘source of food’, ‘symbol of life’ and ‘senses’. The term ‘Daan’ in Sanskrit means‘ gift’. Both these words are used in other Indian languages with little differences.  The expression “Go Dhanam” refers to the act of gifting a […]

Caring Cows

Cow Urine Uses Cows are unique animals enjoying centuries of association with human beings throughout the world. In the Indian culture, they enjoy supreme status as an animal of worship, besides their status as a popular domestic animal loved as a pet, employed as a source of income as well as a nutritional supplement for […]

Online Donation

Online Donation What is Online Donation? Online donation is a way of sending money to a recipient through internet banking or other internet enabled apps. This has created a revolution in the banking transactions and gained popularity across the society ever since its inception. This system enables people to do banking transactions on their fingertips […]

Gau Daan Puja

Gau Daan Puja The Concept of Daan The word “Daan” refers to gifting. Daan is intricately woven with the Hindu tradition and is performed with utmost devotion and belief to attain different goals, which may vary from person to person and context. The concept of Daan is comparable to  Newton’s third law, “To every action, […]

Charitable Cow Donation

Charitable Cow Donation What is Charitable Cow Donation? Cow donation or cow gift is a widespread practice in the Hindu tradition and often performed on various occasions. But this is mostly restricted to gifting the cow to the priests, temples, etc., especially for attaining set fulfillment in a religious way. The modern society has added […]