Go Dhanam Benefits

Go Dhanam

The word ‘Go’ has its origin in Sanskrit with various meanings like ‘source of food’, ‘symbol of life’ and ‘senses’. The term ‘Daan’ in Sanskrit means‘ gift’. Both these words are used in other Indian languages with little differences.  The expression “Go Dhanam” refers to the act of gifting a cow. Go Dhanam is generally performed with due respect and to a Brahmin, usually as part of religious rituals and is in practice since ancient time in the Hindu community. Go Dhanam is believed to be one of the most auspicious and powerful rituals for attaining certain goals in human life.  Generally, Go Dhanam involves gifting a milking cow along with the calf to a deserving person on auspicious day or occasion. Go-puja is performed worshipping the cow and calf as directed in the Vedas by a Purohit before the Go Dhaanam.

Benefits of Go Dhanam

According to the Hindu philosophy, the entire Universe is one, referred  to as “Vishwa” and all living and non-living entities are part of it. Therefore,  anything that one gift to the Universe will ultimately return back to the one who gifts and hence gifting is a noble act and the person will definitely enjoy the fruits of this noble act. Among the wide range of gifts, Go Dhanam is considered as the best and one can attain an endless of benefits from  Go Dhanam.  Starting from fulfilling  immediate goals like prosperity in daily life to the attainment of Moksha are linked to Go Dhanam in the Hindu scriptures. Gifting of a cow is incomparable and ultimate. Go Dhanam is performed by the ordinary people for two major reasons, one is to get rid of impending evils in one’s life indicated by astrological predictions based on the horoscope and the other one is to make the path for eternal bliss clear for one’s parents. However, the elite perform this ritual for fulfilling many other desires.  It is believed that donating grains, water, clothes, etc. or performing Go Dhanam to a needy person will turn enemies into friends, bring peaceful and contented real life and life after death. Go Dhanam leads a person towards the purification of the soul and attainment of  the highest state of eternal bliss or salvation. Performing Go Dhanam by oneself during his active life is considered to be more auspicious than that done by one’s children for the well-being of the parents.

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