Gau Daan Puja

The Concept of Daan

The word “Daan” refers to gifting. Daan is intricately woven with the Hindu tradition and is performed with utmost devotion and belief to attain different goals, which may vary from person to person and context. The concept of Daan is comparable to  Newton’s third law, “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Similarly, there is a saying that “What Goes Around, Comes Around” indicating the more one gives, the more it comes back to one. It is projected that Gau daan is the biggest Daan among all Daans. It is believed that Gau Daan along with daan of gold, silver, emeralds, milk, food grains and land is known as Mahadaan.

Way of Daan

There is a belief that instead of inviting a needy person to one’s house for offering a daan,  going to his house and performing the daan will earn the donor more rich dividends. It is said that the person doing daan should face the east while doing the daan and the person receiving the daan should face the north so as to increases the life span of both the persons. Generally, daan is performed on auspicious days and even time as designated by the astrologer.

Gau Daan

The Sanskrit word ‘Gau’ has various meanings like ‘source of food’, ‘symbol of life’ and ‘senses’. The term ‘Daan’ means ‘gift’. The expression ‘Gau Daan’ therefore means ‘the gift of a cow, Gau Daan’, or the gifting of a cow to a Brahmin, is an ancient ritual of our ancestors with its deep roots in philosophy. Since ancient times cows have been donated by kings and other people to Brahmins and others. It is believed that at least one cow must be donated in one man’s lifetime. Generally, Gou Daan involves gifting a milking cow along with the calf. They are worshipped through puja using all sacred things and flowers and fruits during before the ritual of the daan and then gifted to the Brahmins along with other items at the end of the puja.

Benefits of Gau Daan

The benefits of Gou Daan  are simply endless. It is believed that there is no other donation in this world comparable to the donation of a cow. Gau Daan helps in making a person pure and leads him to attain the highest state of eternal bliss. It is said that donating grains, water, clothes, etc. or offering a cow as a gift to a needy person known to turn enemies into friends. This Daan also provides one a peaceful life after death. As per the Hindu beliefs, the Universe is one and anything that one gift to the Universe will ultimately return back to him or her and that is exactly defined as the purpose behind doing Daan.

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