Dear Guruji while you are talking about Zero, many a time you said that Zero is not a cypher but it contains the energy of entire universe.
Whether it has any scientific background or vedantic meaning?

Both are true. I would like to refer to Stephen Hawking, who says that the total energy of the Universe can be theoretically said to be Zero, even though he is unaware of vedantic wisdom. He says that the basis of energy, which expresses itself as the infinite and wondrous phenomenon of universe is Zero. What he means  by this is not an insipid void or emptiness, from mere Zero only a Zero can emerge. Therefore it has to be void with ONE latent in it. In that case the essence of this Zero must be nothing but a potential oneness.

If we replace Hawking’s Zero with the Sanskrit term ‘Nirguna Brahman’, the reality having the three gunas, the three energy modes responsible for the manifestation of the universe, in a latent state, it will be clear that Hawking is only partially reaching an area of knowledge that has been perceived and presented ages ago by the sages of the Upanishad. Scientist stops at Zero, while the sage explores further the potency of Zero and presents it as the reality with two aspects. One as the ‘Nirguna Brahman’ having the gunas in a latent state and other as ‘‘Saguna Brahman’ with the gunas in a state of activity causing the manifestation of the Universe.

‘Nirguna Brahman’ can be referred to as the Zero potent with infinite possibilities. That aspect in which these potentials find expression is known as ‘Saguna Brahman’ or Ishwara as a personalized concept. In the hymn, “Shri Lalitha Shashtra Nama Stotram” both these aspects of reality have been described in detail. When in the active process of manifesting the subtle and gross universes, Brahman, the supreme reality is known as Parashakti, the energy supreme, the Divine Mother.

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