Guruji on Young Children

As a young boy I visited the Shiva temple every morning. One day, when I was entering the temple, I observed an old man sitting in the outer hall, looking up at the sky and laughing to himself. When I went near him, he asked me who I was. I did not answer. Again he asked me what my name was. I said Dinesh. He started laughing, uttered Dinesh three times and laughed again, looking at me. Then he shouted, “You are not Dinesh, you are lying.” I replied that I am Dinesh and that I am working as a school teacher. Again he laughed loudly and said, “You are not Dinesh.” I was astonished and looked into his brilliant eyes. He appeared to be a man of wisdom. But why did he say that I was telling a lie and why was he laughing, I could not understand. Again he asked me my parents’ name. I revealed the names to him. I also told him that my name is Dinesh, I had married at the age of 24, my wife’s name is Sumati and that I am a school teacher. He then again uttered, “You are in a dream world. What you said is not the truth. If it is true tell me what your name was when you were born. Then you were not Dinesh, nobody gave you any name then. Everybody was rejoicing at your birth. Your name was given to you on the twelfth day after your birth. Your parents and elders called you Dinesh. So tell me what your name was after birth till the twelfth day.” I was stunned. I understood that the old man was speaking some real truth. I was unnamed till the twelfth day, but still I was there, existing. The old man again said, “Think who you were for the twelve days after your birth. You are the same even today. Your name is given to you by your parents and elders. That can be changed. If your name is changed to Subu, people would then address you with the new name. It is not your real name. Tell me your real name.” I was in confusion as this was new knowledge to me. Perhaps the real knowledge, I did not know. I had not studied this at school. Also I had not studied this from any of my elders or teachers. I started thinking as to who am I. Again the old man smilingly said, “Oh! My child you entered your mother’s womb from somewhere. You shall leave this body after a few days and go to some unknown place. You do not know from where you have come or where you are going, but you know only the truth that you are here today inside this body. This body is your home, to live in, it is locked by nature, and you cannot come out of it. You are imprisoned inside your body. Nobody knows how to come out of this body at will. You do not have the key with you, only your master can open the doors of your life and show the way to fly out to higher dimensions. Try to understand this. Certainly you will be benefitted from this knowledge.”

This is a real story of a young boy who later became a saint. Today there are millions of youngsters who are running after happiness. They do not know “where to seek, whom to seek, how to seek and when to seek.” You are the elders here. You have to help your young children, brothers and sisters, to learn meditation so that they can go in search of their inner-selves. You have been visiting our Ashram for years, yet you do not help the young generation to meditate. Perhaps you are afraid that your son or daughter may become a sanyasi if they learn to meditate. In fact, you are blocking your child’s opportunity to proceed on the spiritual path.

Do you know why you have to meditate? By meditation you lose everything that is unwanted within you. The necessity of this life is only realization and that you should obtain. You are born for realization. Since you do not know this truth, you are attracted by outside and worldly attractions. Here I shall tell you a story:

“In the olden days, there was an emperor. He had no young children and hence declared that he would interview all the youngsters in his empire, under the age of 25, and would select one young boy amongst them as the Yuvraj. He also said that all the candidates should enter the palace garden and spend time with nature before proceeding to the emperor’s chamber for interview. He also announced that whosoever entered the emperor’s chamber first would get selected as the Yuvraj. It was a huge garden, covering an area over two miles, having different kinds of fruit-bearing trees. There was a luxury of everything like swimming pool, bars and restaurants, exotic games, horse riding, beautiful girl attendants and innumerable other attractions, which they could enjoy before proceeding to the emperor’s chamber for interview, before sunset. Hundreds of youth from all over the empire came running for the interview. Almost all of them were attracted by the pleasures of the garden. Everyone started drinking heavily and forgot their purposes for coming to the palace. Some were inside the swimming pool after drinks and remained in a semi-conscious state. Some were dancing and enjoying with the beautiful girl attendants, some were eating and enjoying the food. None but one remembered the purpose for coming to the palace. This one boy, entered the garden at 6 o’clock and walked swiftly towards the emperor’s chamber, reaching it before sunset. He never looked hither or thither, his only purpose being to meet the emperor. The emperor, therefore, made his the Yuvraj.”

My dear meditators, this is the fate for most of us. We do not want the chamber of the Creator. We run after Kanaka, Kamini & Kirti (Wealth, Woman and Fame). We waste our whole life in these pleasures, thinking it to be the real happiness and purpose of human life. This pursuit will lead us nowhere. You are cautioned on this occasion to Wake up, Standup and Run towards the goal of your life, the earlier the better. Death may come stealthily, at any point of time.

Be Aware! Death waits for no man! So Mediate today, here and now …….

Your master has the key to your physical prison. Once he opens it you will fly to the fourth dimension and enjoy the real peace of life and will never come back to human life at all.

This is a warning to one and all “WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!! Here and Now!!!

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