Guruji, I am quite happy and comfortable with my present life, doing some simple spiritual practices and day-to-day work activities. Presently, I do not have any aspiration for self realization. Is it wrong?

Every soul that has taken human birth should aspire for self realization because that is the very purpose for which it has taken life on earth. The need for self-realization exists in every human being. Just as the bud blossoms into a flower, so also should a human being aspire for self realization. When one is caught up in the material world and is blinded by ego and desires, one fails to recognize the need for self realization.

Valmiki who was once a dacoit and murderer, met a Sadhu who made him realise his life of crime. On realizing his wrong ways, Valmiki reformed himself, and took up an austere and spiritual life. He later transformed into a self-realised Maharishi. So also, is the case of all who have taken birth as human beings.

Self-realization is a must for every human being. In order to feel the urge to transform oneself into a self-realized being, it is necessary to undertake spiritual practices, diligently. The spiritual practices purify the soul. These can be any – meditation, kriya yoga, mantra-japa, selfless service, etc. With complete dedication and with the Guru’s guidance, it is possible to develop the aspiration for self realization.

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