Guruji, How can we, who are immersed in our day to day activities with a little bit of ‘sadhana’ included for maintaining our own peace, do something that can contribute towards world peace and betterment of society?

Though you are immersed in your daily activities, it is necessary that you contemplate upon the purpose for which you have taken birth. In due course, you shall realise that all of us have a common goal, before we depart from earth, and that is to attain God-realisation, through meditation or other spiritual practices. It does not matter how many lives we have to dedicate towards achieving this final goal. It is our duty to make our progress towards God, at the earliest.

In order to do so, we must first understand that we are not this body or this mind. These are only vehicles given to us in order to live upon this earth and achieve our final purpose. All of us are attracted to peace and well-being on earth, first for our individual selves and families, then for our society, nation and world, and finally for our Universe.

Peace is something that we must learn to find within ourselves. It arises from the soul. It is the environment within us where true happiness lies. Through meditation we experience a stable and silent peace within, despite the trials and troubles that confront us in our daily living. Through meditation, we can learn to maintain an inner quietness. We can learn to be calmly active and actively calm through all circumstances of life. When we strive for this, then, we are indirectly contributing towards world peace and betterment of society.

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