Everywhere there is variety in life. If so, what is the meaning of “Samatvam Yog Muchyate”?

We need to understand the meaning of creation. In the root of creation, there is variety. Where there is variety, there is beauty and intelligence. Beauty that lies in the intelligence of the creator is unexplainable. Only a meditator has the ability to understand this. If there is no variety, there will be no beauty. Just think – if our eyes were like our nose, or if our ears were like our nose, or if our mouth was like a big nose, or if our limbs were like long noses, nobody would have ever looked at a human being. Secret of beauty of creation is that there are no identical things. Eyes of one person are differ from those of another. We are more attracted, when beauty increases. Variety enhances the beauty of creation.

We see beauty in living beings. That is because every living being is different from one another. Nowhere in this universe, do we see two things exactly similar.

However remember, there is only one truth within all beings, which is called Atman, God. Neither is it (Atman) born nor does it die at any time. The truth is that it exists. This is the perspective that gives abiding peace to the seer. This equanimity of the mind, in success and failure, accomplishment and disappointment, reputation and condemnation, is the richest yoga, says the Gita. This is called “Samatvam Yog Muchyate”.

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