Guruji, as a person who wants to progress in the spiritual path, what should one do when unduly, unkind words are spoken against one?

This world is made up of all kinds of people. As many people, that many characteristics, opinions, behaviour and remarks. One should not be upset by the unkind words of the world. It is not possible to please all the people in this world. All people are a mixture of Satvik, Rajasic and Tamasic qualities. In this world Tamasic qualities are found in abundance. It is the nature of the Tamasic forces to find fault and criticise. They are bound to react according to their primitive understanding of the situations and things. More so, because they are governed more by their ignorance and egoism.

Each and every person is at a different level of spiritual progress and understanding. When you have already decided to progress on the path of spirituality, then it is important to be kind and forgiving. If however, the matter is something that needs to be resolved, if you feel that the unduly unkind words need to be addressed, then ensure that only the unkind action of the person is being addressed, and that the person concerned is not being attacked. It is possible to address all issues, compassionately and truthfully.

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