Spiritual Benefits of Indian Cows

In the book, Rig-Veda, you can read many stanzas, where the cows are given a divine status. The book VI of the Hymn XXVIII, of the Rig Veda, pertaining to Rishi Bhardwaja also sings the praises of virtue of the Indian cow. Atharvaveda (The fourth Veda among the Vedas-a Hindu sacred text) designates the cow to an earthy form of Lord Vishnu and its divinity has also been confirmed by Kautilya, also called Chanakya, who was chief minister of Chandra Gupta Maurya’s cabinet) in Arthasastra (referring to texts on wealth).

As fire purifies by burning and water purifies by cleansing, so too the Indian cow is the singular species gifted with the frequencies that ensemble all the natural powers of the deities and the universe, and help to pass on all these frequencies to its by-products like cow dung, urine, and its milk. Hence, this Sattvik cow’s by-products like milk, dung or urine inherit all these frequencies. The Gomutra or the cow’s urine, by itself, holds 5% power to attract the deities.

The Spiritual benefits of the Indian Cow’s milk

The milk of an Indian cow is considered as very divine and sattvik (virtuous), as it is known to attract the divine vibration or Shakti. The milk of cows from other countries are said to be less sattvik than the Indian breed by 50%. Hence, when you drink a glass of pure cow’s milk of Indian breed, you will feel the rejuvenation of cells, which thereby charge your body. It is due to the sattvikta of the milk.

A proverb in Sanskrit claims that our food and thoughts are related to each other. What we think stems from what food we ingest. Hence, the conclusion is; if you intake sattvik drink and food, your whole body will get purified and will only lead you to do the righteous actions. You can feel the transformation of negative thoughts into positive ones.

Milk from the Indian Desi cows has the powers to attract divine power and consciousness and destroy the negative energy. It is offered to God as Naivedyam (offerings) and Abishekam (ablutions), absorbs the divine mantras and comes back to us as God’s energized prasadam (consumed by the worshippers). In Sanskrit, Prasadam means mercy, and when we refer to Krishna Prasadam, we mean Krishna’s mercy.[3]

Ayurveda espouses the sattvik qualities of milk and its affiliate products. Most of the Hindus practice vegetarianism and prefer to enjoy the spiritual effects that organic fresh milk, yogurt, buttermilk, ghee paneer or highly nutritious homemade cheese can give them.[5]

Humans benefit spiritually when the milk of the holy cow absorbs the mantras and is served as energized Prasadam

The wonder of the Panchagavya, an Important Product from the Indian Cow.

5 cow products constitute the Panchagavya:

  • Cow Milk 
  • Cow Dung (Gomaye)
  • Cow Urine (Gomaye)
  • Cow Ghee (Goghrita)
  • Cow Curd (Godadhi)

If the heavens were to bestow a gift for the welfare of humankind, including good health and well being, and this would be it. We read highly of the relevance and divinity of Panchagavya in several references to the ancient Hindu scriptures like the “Kashyap Samhita”, the “Bhel Samhita”, the “Ras Tantra Saar”, the “Gad Nigraha” and the “Sushrutu Samhita” which not only credit Panchagavya with enhancing energy, strength and longevity, but also as being instrumental in removing mental and physical disorders. Many wise men extol the virtues of the successful Panchagavya treatments of a multitude of ailments.[4]

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