Guruji, what is selfless love? What is meant by “to love selflessly”?

Love is a combination of selflessness and sacrifice. To understand this, let us look at the Sun. Nature is full of vigor because of the Sun’s selfless action of giving out light and warmth with no expectation of any return. Our ‘prana’ (vital force within us) is because of Sun’s selfless giving. This is called the divine love. Look at Nature around us. Look at our Mother Earth. We have been provided with everything that we need for our human existence, for our happiness and comfort. These have been provided to us without any expectation. There is only selfless ‘giving’. There is no expectation of getting back anything in return.

Now look at our Gau-matas, our Cows. They are embodiments of Selfless Love. Their intake is a small feed of grass and in return they give us everything that we required for our well-being. This is the spirit of sacrifice, of loving selflessly. As human beings, we have forgotten our true nature. These simple actions of ‘love and sacrifice’ have been forgotten in the midst of our materialistic lives. We have also forgotten to appreciate the gifts that Nature bestows upon us. Human beings live in a perpetual state of desire and selfishness, wanting more and more all the time. Every natural resource is utilized to the utmost, with no thought to ecology or maintaining ecological balance. Selfishness has become our primary quality which is in reality a total contrast to our real nature. Therefore, it is very necessary to return to our original nature, that of loving and giving, selflessly.

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