Guruji on Self-Realization

Self-Realization is the birth right of every human being. The only obstacle to attain self-realization is the lazy mind and our earthly desires. If one works hard and meditates for at least eight hours every day one would obtain self-realization in this very life. You may wonder as to how one can meditate for eight hours every single day. The truth is that one can meditate for more than eight hours each day. It is very easy. Select a job or profession that you love the most. Each day, carry out your work with a sense of satisfaction and a cheerful smile on your face. In doing so, you shall remain happy always and shall also make others cheerful. This is the art of meditation in action. Make your entire day worthwhile to yourself as well as to others, for it is the foundation of meditation. When you are alone at home or elsewhere, sit quietly, close your eyes and meditate. You may do this for a minimum of one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. Two hours of meditation each day in an ambience of happiness during work is like having a gem amidst jewels. In this manner, it is easy for everyone to meditate for more than eight hours.

If you are a cook, always cook with happiness and good thoughts for your customers. Serve them with total happiness while mentally wishing them good health. This amounts to meditation in action. If you are a tailor, stitch the clothes with happiness and your customers will be happy wearing the clothes stitched by you. If you are a musician or a dancer, sing and dance with enjoyment and happiness. So also, teach your students with happiness. This will create an atmosphere of love, peace and harmony, while you spend your time playing music or dancing or teaching. This is meditation in action.

Likewise, let every work of yours be a meditation in action. Thereafter, at the end of the day, when you sit alone for meditation you shall find yourself becoming thoughtless, body less and very soon you shall enter into a state of Samadhi. At such moments, saints from the higher dimensions may appear to you in your Samadhi state and help you further in your spiritual progress. Hold on to the confidence that you shall realize yourself in this life itself and that you have the blessings of Divine and Guru. This is indeed the real meditation.

When you are in bliss, many a time there will be mental hurdles on your path. Thorn-ridden paths may be created by evil spirits, perhaps this may happen through your very own people or your circle of friends. Beware of such accidents on the path of meditation. On no account should you blame others or your Guru or God for such occurrences. Continue with your prayers. Pray to God that your enemies be granted the wisdom to refrain from wrong actions or evil deeds. This is what my Master taught me.

I could attain self-realization by using this technique and by always keeping peace in my heart. A peaceful heart is a saint’s heart. So, always try and hold peace in your heart.

Once I was in a cave at Amarnath for nearly forty-eight days. During this period, I spent my time taking long walks in the Himalaya. One afternoon, I was sitting at the bank of a river, near the mountain series of the Himalaya, engaged in meditation. After a few hours of meditation, I found myself oblivious to the outer world. It was totally dark and soon I was surrounded by a brilliant light. It felt as if I was one among the light waves. It was a beautiful feeling.

I was totally immersed, dissolved in the atmosphere of love and peace prevailing there. I was not aware as to who I was, what I was, how I was or where I was. By then, I could see the white shape of a human body. The shape started talking to me, communicating something. Without any verbal expression I understood the meaning of what was told to me. Without talking, without any exchange of words, the interaction took place. This was the astral way of conveying wisdom. Certain wisdom was conveyed to me through that astral saint. I was with him for several minutes or hours. I do not know how long I was with him. I enjoyed the blissful feeling. He took me to some place where I found myself floating and enjoying the ecstasy. I am unable to explain this in mere words. After sometime, I realized that the astral saint had vanished from sight after conveying his message to me. I had understood everything that he had conveyed. Even after he had vanished, I was in a state of blissful unawareness. Later, when I opened my eyes, I could see that the moon was shining at an angle of 45 degrees from the place where I was and that it was about 7 O’clock in the evening. I was in a dazed state for almost four and a half hours in a state of total bliss. I was unable to stand up, unable to walk.

Slowly, as I came out of my daze, I walked towards the ashram. I could see my Master sitting at the gate of the ashram. I walked towards him slowly and conveyed to him that I had been in a deep state of dream for a long duration. He told me that it had not been a deep dream state but an astral state and that our ancestors, the Himalayan masters, had assisted me. He told me to try and observe this vision during my meditation in future. It was such an exhilarating and heavenly experience for me. No words can adequately describe or put down on paper that blissful state experienced by me.

In the astral plane there are no human or physical bodies, only millions of light bodies. These light bodies are always in a state of flow. There is a variation in sex, as male and female. Though these light bodies have minds of their own, they do not undergo any physical problems or difficulties, as experienced by the humans on earth. These are astral beings living on the astral plane.

Even though we are aware that this human life is short and may sustain us for perhaps 60 to 80 years or more, we continue to long for this human life and distance ourselves from the spiritual and astral plane. In the astral plane, one can live for thousands of years in total ecstasy and happiness. There would be no physical difficulties like we have on this earth, no illnesses, no worries, and no tension. One could always be in a floating state, in total ecstasy. Even though jealousy and ego do exist in the astral plane, it is unlike the kind we experience here on earth where we are always yearning for petty materialistic desires. These very earthly desires are the cause for our rebirth, bringing us back to this earth, time and again. It is said “Punarapi Maranam, Punarapi Jananam”. We are always after some ‘Maya’ for e.g.: my wife, my child, my car, my house and as a result we continue to take birth again at the same plane, all due to our material desires.

Should a person meditate for eight hours every day, for twelve years, it is possible for him to enter the astral plane through meditation. I call upon my all friends and students to take an oath to meditate for eight hours every day. This meditation should be done with total peace and happiness, without any infighting, without any jealousy or ego. This is my message to all my friends and students on this eve of Guru Purnima.

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