Sahiwal - Best Indian Cow Breed

About the Breed

Sahiwal cow derives its name from the place called Sahiwal in the Montegmory district of Punjab in Pakisthan. This is the native place of this breed with its breeding tract include Amritsar and Ferozpur districts of Punjab Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan. This is a pure Indian cow breed and good herds are available in the towns of Fazilka and Abohar at Ferozepur district in Punjab. This breed is the most preferred dairy cow in India-Pakistan border regions. It is recognized as one of the best Indian cow breeds and well-known among milch cows. This breed is known by different names like “Lola”, “Lambi Bar”, “Multani”, “Montgomery”, and “Teli”. These caws are brownish red in color with shades ranging from red to greyish red. Few of them bear white patches, mostly on the neck and the underline. They bear short horns, large udders, and medium-sized dewlap. Males have a dark color in the extremities like the head, legs, and tail. Body is robust with shiny hide.

Status in Dairy Industry

It is extensively used in /dairy industry in India especially in the states of Punjab, Rajasthan, and Haryana. The average milk yield per lactation is 2325 Kgs. But milk yield up to 6000Kg/per lactation also known among some superior herds of this breed. This amazing milk output and good temperament of these cows put them in high demand even at International market. It ranks one among the best Indian cow breeds for sale. Sahiwal breed of cows got exported for boosting the dairy industry in Australia during the 1950s. Two popular breeds derived from this in Australia Australian Milking Zebu and the Australian Fresian Sahiwal played a prominent role in revolutionizing the Australian dairy industry. In India, large-scale maintenance of  cow is done by the National Dairy Research Institute,  Karnal in Haryana and few Gaushalas in Punjab and Rajasthan. Medium and small-scale milk production by dairy farmers across Haryana, Rajasthan, and Punjab also maintain pure and high yielding herds.

Why Sahiwal?

Sahiwal breed of cow is unique in their own level, due to their multiple positive features which make them the preferred cow breed for milking. High milk yield, ease of calving, endurance towards heat and environmental stress,  long reproductive period lasting up to 20 years, good temperament, resistance towards ticks and other parasites, drought tolerance and bloat tolerance are some of the qualities of Sahiwal which have elevated them to a popular indigenous cow to the status of best Indian cow breed for milk.

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