Guruji with Hamsa Baba

Guruji with Hamsa Baba

Guruji, in what way does the ‘darshan’ of Sadhus, Sants or other divine persons help in the life of a Sadhak?

The ‘darshan’ or company of Sadhus or other divine persons is very good for a Sadhak as he or she is in Satsang with the Sadhus and Sants. Satsang is complementary to Dhyana like the support of a stick to the blind person. The stick, by itself, does not walk. It is the person who has to walk. Satsang supports the Sadhak on the path taken. However, it is the Sadhak who has to persevere in the Sadhana – the spiritual practices – for fulfilling the Prarabda karmas and for achieving Self-realisation. Satsang with holy persons helps you to be in tune with your path towards your goal, i.e Self-realisation.

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