Guruji, should a person who is generally peaceful and contented engage in the activity of regular meditation?

Here, it is important to understand the meaning of the word “meditation”. Meditation is living in peace and contentment ‘today, here and now’. Meditation is a state of deep peace which occurs when your mind is calm and silent. If you always live with peace and happiness that itself shows that you are in a state of meditation always.

Your peace must not be temporary but continuous. When you live in this world, you come across many events or situations where you may tend to get disturbed or agitated; but when your mind is calm and steady, no event or situation can affect you. Regular practice of silent meditation helps in maintaining a calm and steady mind. Meditation brings about a tuning of the self where the body, mind and intellect become one. We become one with our inner self- our divine self. Therefore, a regular practice of meditation is always advised.

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