Guruji on Pathless Path

Ours is a pathless path, which in itself is the path for every person on Earth. We are all aware that Sri Krishna did not follow any known path. He did not follow the path of Sri Rama, nor did Buddha follow the path of Sri Krishna; neither did Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa follow the path of Adi Shankaracharya or that of Sant Kabir. Every realised being has always followed an unique path. In essence, each one of us has to follow our own individual paths. Following another’s path, even if it be that of one’s own teacher or guru, it will not lead the aspirant anywhere. The guru is there only to guide the aspirant on his or her own path.

At our Ashram we do not teach, instead we guide the aspirants to proceed on their own individual paths. We show them how to empty themselves from within. Once an aspirant is able to complete this task of emptying oneself, he or she will emerge as a truly humble child of creation. It is then that ‘creation’ takes complete charge and fills the aspirant with total love – ‘prem’ – which is an experience beyond any words or explanations. The aspirant is then found to be in a continuous state of meditation i.e. he or she is then always living in the present, every moment, here and now. This is the reality of this life.

To explain further, ‘emptiness’ is an experience beyond words. A scholar or a ‘pundit’ can rarely become completely empty from within, for he or she always has this feeling of being completely knowledgeable. The scholar’s idea of being knowledgeable, and the ‘ego’ that is its outcome, become obstacles on the path of spiritual progress. Unless the aspirant is able to empty oneself completely, of this unnecessary knowledge or information learnt so far, he or she will be unsuccessful in gaining emptiness. Copying or following others is not true knowledge, in other words, it is but stagnation.

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