How mind is the reason for moksha and attachment (Bandhana) ?

As has been explained by Sri Krishna to Arjuna, mind is the reason for all attachments but if trained well it will take you to realization. Mind is like a wild elephant which destroys everything in its path. Yet, if the very same elephant is trained well it will take us to our destination easily and obediently. Our mind works in a similar way. Whenever we do any work, we should always remember that the work is not being done by us but rather it is being done by the God within us. It is God who makes us to do the work. So the outcome of any work, whether good or bad, should be offered at the lotus feet of God himself.

Sri Krishna further says, “Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kada Chana”

implying, “You have the right to work on this earth but you have no right to demand the fruit of your work. I am the giver and you should receive whatever I may give.” Krishna said these words to Arjuna with the intention that a karma yogi should remain non-attached. If one does the work and says that I have done it, I am responsible for my success, I must get the benefit, it is my family, it is my house, and my money, etc., then one become attached to the objects of the outside world.That is what is known as ‘bandhna’. A yogi or gyani does everything for God and others and not for himself – which is total detachment.

So always remember any of your possessions are not yours. Everything belongs to the Creator himself. For example, instead of my money, my wife, my children, my job, my car, my friends always say with feeling and love that God has given money, God has given job, God has given wife, family members and friends and so on. Only then can you remain detached and thoughtless during meditation. This is the easy way to attain Samadhi.

Always remember that this world existed before you were born, it exists today and you are enjoying it and when you leave this earth, it will continue to exist and somebody else will enjoy all the possessions. Hence, you are here only as a traveler to enjoy the creation and not to claim possession of anything as “mine”. There is nothing that is “mine”; the entire universe belongs to HIM and HIM ALONE. Finally, remember that you are also “HE”.

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