Dear Guruji, in Hinduism, Cow is a revered animal and is given the status of holy mother. Since childhood we have consumed cow milk. Now-a-days many people who prefer vegetarian diet consider cow milk as non-vegetarian food. Is it right to call cow milk a non-vegetarian food and please tell us the importance of cow milk and other cow products in our lives?

Milk is a special product though it may be taken from a live animal or from the mother of a living being. Even a vegetarian child has to take its mother’s milk. Cow is the universal mother who feeds every creature on earth. Cow milk is beyond classification as vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Cow-milk is taken in different forms, as butter-milk, curds, ghee, butter, or we use it in the preparations of tea, coffee or other beverages. Apart from the food value, cow-milk also possesses medicinal properties. Cow is a living doctor residing in our houses. When it cries in the early morning Ambaaa…., its cry becomes an Omkar. This cry is equal to the ‘shankh-nada’ (blowing of the conch). In our tradition, blowing of the conch signifies throwing away negativies in the atmosphere. Cows with the cry of Ambaaa…, also help discard these negativities.

Similarly, all cow-products are very important to human beings. The dung of all animals stinks except that of the cow. Cow-dung is considered precious and auspicious. Its smell drives away the bacteria and viruses in the vicinity. The smell of Gobar (Cow-dung) also keeps cancer at bay. Cow-dung is often used in the place of firewood for cooking. Unlike other types of smoke, smoke generated from the burning of cow-dung is very healthy for living beings. Cow dung is also used in the preparation of many skin ointments.

Cow urine is a very good medicine for diabetes and hyper tension. One spoon of Gau-Araka with equal quantity of water if taken every day will keep the diabetes away. Curd is another product excellent for digestive system and especially for a growing child. It keeps the skin shining. It maintains vigor and vitality. Butter milk is an excellent agent for the elementary canal for it keeps the digestive system clean and efficient. All these milk products are excellent for people of all ages, from a child to an old man. Here, milk means only the milk of Indian desi cows.

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