What are the types and method of meditation ? Please tell us the merits and demerits of each kind of meditation. For eg. Oorjha meditation, etc.

Meditation is ‘Universal Silence’, an activity in which Lord Shiva is perpetually engaged. Meditation is something that just exists in the Universe. All of us are constantly trying to understand meditation or trying to merge within the universal meditational waves. Every human being has his or her own mental waves and accordingly creates ideas and tries to enter the universal waves to merge with it. Every individual mind is different from another. Each has its own base, structure and its purpose of life. Method of Meditation vary from person to person. No two styles can be similar, though the final goal of meditation is same for all. The structures or foundations of meditation through individual minds differ. That is the reason why, as many the lives that exist in this universe, that many the types of meditation that can be created by the mind.

Meditation is not a creation for it is not created by anybody. It has always existed in this universe and will continue to exist forever. Therefore, with our small minds, it is impossible to judge what meditation is or create some theory on meditation. We have to accept meditation as it exists.

In the past, in order to help certain disciples on their path towards spirituality, a realized Master may have founded a new method of meditation which suited those individuals. However, the method of meditation which may be suited for those few individuals cannot be universalized. For example, Buddha is said to have founded a new method called the Vipasanna Meditation, which consists of observing the flow of our breath. Rigveda mentions the Soham Meditation, which also consists of observing our breath with the connecting mantra (Soham).
Many masters may have founded many methods and also given them names, but every meditation is based on the principal of breath. There can be no meditation without a breathing technique. You may call it by any name but finally all depend on breathing techniques.

When you observe your breath, your consciousness deepens, your energy opens up, flows naturally and freely and you become meditative and contemplative.
Therefore, do not lay much importance to the various names given to the methods of meditation. Instead, follow the experiences that you get in your meditation. The method of meditation, whereby you experience bliss, is your meditation technique.

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