Can you please explain the difference between knowing the path of meditation and moving ahead in that path?

Certainly, it is as different as knowing how to swim by reading self-help books and the actual act of swimming. A Sadguru will be in perpetual meditation. If you can meditate for at least 3 hours daily in his presence, then most of your work will be done. In case you cannot meditate with your Sadguru daily, try to practice meditating with him or her for at least some days of each month; this will ensure your progress. It is also necessary to follow certain disciplines. Firstly, one must consume satvik food since it is conducive to good health. Satvik diet can be defined as that diet which aids in the progress of meditation. Secondly, one should strictly follow yama and niyama, which are the basic tenets of yoga. Other important disciplines to be adhered to are truthfulness, non-violence, honest living and good habits.

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