Guruji, I have found that people generally keep me at a distance. They feel I am a quarrelsome and disturbing person. They say I am always sad. I feel I am always loving and pleasant to everybody. I feel I am right and the others are wrong. I don’t know what to do. Please guide me.

Your question itself contains the answer. You have much confusion in your mind. You do not know that your mind itself is your enemy. This is the reason for your mental depression. You give sorrow to yourself. This being so, how can you give love to others? You can give others only that which is with you, you cannot give what you do not have. Love yourself. Let love arise within you first, only then can you give love to others.

This can be done easily. From morning to evening whatever you do, try to do it very systematically. Make it a practice to get up from bed before sunrise. As soon as you wake up, sit on the bed and pray to God, who dwells in the lotus of your heart. “Let this day be a good day”. Concentrate on the centre of your heart and meditate for ten minutes. Then close your eyes and hold the both the palms of your hands over your eyes. Thereafter do your daily chores, but do everything with love and happiness. Enjoy every work that you do. Do each work with complete involvement “Every deed done with satisfaction kindles love in you”. While walking or driving let the mind be satisfied and happy. Do your office work with love. Do not forget to forgive those who make mistakes. Do not criticize others for mistakes, instead highlight the mistakes and instruct them lovingly to not repeat the mistakes. Only then will others love you. Do not count your shortfalls. Think of the many positive things God has given to you. Love yourself. Thank Him for those. You can then see yourself changing with love blooming within you.

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