Guruji, what is it that we call by the name of God?

God is omniscient, omnipotent, unseen, unknown, etc. According to the ‘shastras’, God is only an experience of total love and Ananda (bliss). In other words, in such a state, you yourself become God. God existed before creation and exists even after creation. Creation of the human beings gave rise to an outlook of God for all living beings on earth. Only man has the wisdom to know about God. So many human beings have been walking on the spiritual path and seeking God. Paths can be different. Each seeker has his or her own path. The path of the seeker is not important, instead it is the seeker’s faith that is important. “As you think, thus you become.”

As many the number of living creatures, that many are the number of gods. Yet in truth, God is only one. Then why do we differentiate between God and faith? The difference and confusion lie in our minds. The mind is the culprit for it always creates differences. Here then is the role of meditation. A true meditator does not see any differences, for the breath is the vehicle of meditation. Finally breath takes the meditator to the ultimate goal of human life. No two human beings in this world are identical nor can they practice meditation equally or identically, on the path shown by the Guru. A Guru may have hundreds of disciples, and he may teach all of them the same path. Yet, each one meditates in his or her own way and progresses accordingly. Each one’s progress and method are entirely different from another’s. Each one reaches the final destination at his or her own pace and in his or her own way. Only a few may reach the pinnacle or become “That”. Others may be perpetually waiting for the final destination. At the end, even though they do experience God, their individual experiences will be different. However, the experiences of love, peace and harmony will be same for all. Therefore, we say God is Love and Love is God.

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