Love Cows

Are we so arrogant to consider humans as the only living creatures with a mind and character? Other creatures too have personalities, and recent researches have concluded that even pet animals undergo diverse emotions like envy. The old concept that animals do not have a soul, has radically changed to the perception that all animals too have a soul, and it is these misconceptions that are turning the human race into soulless creatures that treat animals including our bovine friends, with merciless cruelty to render their life on earth unbearable. The very fact that the US itself slaughters more than a million animals’ per day substantiates this fact. The scientific community’s earlier assumptions that animals do not suffer pain is foolish, to say the least, because all animals are conscious creatures suffering the vicissitudes of pain and torture.

Have you stopped to wonder how important the Desi cow is for the Hindus of the world? Considering that Lord Krishna is remembered fondly as a cowherd and that Lord Siva used “Nandi” a bull as his vehicle of transport, the cow’s stature as a symbol of the Hindu religion has achieved great heights. All the 26 unique breeds of cows credited to India have that characteristic hump, bushy tail and soft flaps below their ears. Considered sacred and respected by all, the Desi Indian cow has a free reign of public places where they roam at will.

Conserve the Cow

That the cow hardly asks for anything, but all the same, gives us all we want, symbolizes its selfless nature. Mahatma Gandhi recognized the economic importance of the cow, became a vegetarian and propagated cow conservation, saddened by the cruelty meted out to these wonderful animals.

Cow- The Religious Connotation

The cow’s standing as a sacred animal does not give it the status of divinity among the Hindus as is exemplified by the cow ritual that takes place in Jodhpur on the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the Hindu Calendar. Nandi, as Lord Siva’s vehicle holds reverence for all male cattle. Shrines dedicated to Nandi are seen in Madurai, Mahabalipuram, the Viswanath temple in Jhansi and the Bull Temple in South Bangalore.

Love Cows

With its celestial origins from Kamadhenu, and its wealth of gifts to mankind, eating or even selling beef is considered sacrilegious in many parts of India. The cow’s existence solely for the benefit of humanity is a factor you have to reckon with, and even though it does not wag its tail like a dog, one look into its peaceful countenance instills emotions of pity, love and care.

They are gentle, affectionate, intelligent and emotional and deserve our empathy, reverence and consideration, which is what, prompted Mahatma Gandhi to describe the cow as “A Poem of Compassion.” One look into her serene, peaceful eyes and many of you will acknowledge her rightful place beside you on this earth and never touch beef again.

Cows are not dumb; they are curious, intelligent, and capable of solving problems and using past experiences to chart future courses of action. She experiences enhanced brainwaves and faster heartbeats when excited, and always recognizes and remembers those who are kind to her even after a long time as she has a special memory of multiple factors such as food, water, shelter and location of her calves. Like humans she is a highly emotional animal, enjoying good weather, but isolating herself when unwell. She is prone to mood swings and reacts with anger when she encounters someone who has been unkind to her in the past.

Cows make permanent friends not only with the bovine community, but also with humans who endear to them, and will follow a kind master wherever he goes, much like a dog.

We love the cows for their maternal instincts that are similar to the compassion and care you see between a human mother and baby. What endears the cow to us is her passionate nursing of her calves and the protection she offers them for as long as three years. Surprisingly, other cows in the group will help in nurturing the calves as well.

On the other side, we are touched by her sense of grief when her babies are weaned from her; she will bellow and grieve for days, and also experience profound depression, and roam aimlessly in search of her baby.

Cows make excellent pets as well. Try giving her a belly rub, with plenty of rubbing and stroking, and she will experience bliss.

A cow, unless she is bred for slaughter, has a natural life span of 20 years, and can be your best friend and benefactor. How merciless it is to shorten their life to 2 years for the adult cow and just a few months for their calves (For Veal). Cows that serve the dairy industry can hope for a life expectancy of about 4 years, after which they are sent to the slaughterhouses when their milk supply reduces.

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