Love And Respect Mother Earth

There is a crying need for love and respect towards Mother Earth for it is a magnified version of our own individual lives, in its varied life-forms. This pandemic has brought mankind to standstill. Now, when most parts of the world are in a state of lockdown, let us use this opportunity to utilise our time wisely. Let us reflect upon the selfish manner in which mankind has taken advantage of Mother Earth. We have confiscated its resources and depleted them through misuse and excessive usage. So today, Nature has demanded some respite. Mother Earth needs this period of quiet and inactivity, for healing itself. If we realise the manner in which mankind has exploited Nature, we will also understand that it is time to arrange for corrective actions to restore the damages done.

Let us also understand that we have been given time to change our destructive ways of existence. This is the time to adopt new, generous and expansive methods where all of God’s creations are allowed to co-exist joyfully. Life on Earth must be treated with love and respect, and utilisation of natural resources must be made without any damage to Nature. After so many days of shut-down, stoppage of manufacturing and other pollution causing activities, we have begun to see signs of recovery everywhere. Air and water pollution have decreased. Natural habitation, wildlife, our sacred rivers and our environment, are one by one, beginning to heal.

During this period of standstill, it is important for us to redefine our values and goals in life. Most people have been caught up in this commercial world, in the rat-race of life. There has been no leisure to look within or introspect, and human relations and values have been mostly based upon material wealth and social status. Today, almost everything that we had placed our values upon outwardly, have become irrelevant. Instead, the world is busy saving itself from the ongoing pandemic. This is the right time for spiritual seeking. From a life of high-activity, most people of the world have been forced to adopt a life of doing-nothing-much.

This can be a troublesome period for people who do not like to sit still. The best remedy for such ones is to utilise this period to go inward, within oneself. It is a God-given opportunity to become firmly disciplined in the practice of yoga and meditation. This spiritual discipline has immense benefits that will become evident in the course of time. Try it, use this opportunity, do not be lazy now. Use your wisdom. Spiritual seeking and perseverance will definitely help you to follow the path of right values and goals. Finally, there shall come a day when you realise that the best goal to be pursued in life is nothing but seeking the God within you. If your spiritual practice has been sincere, disciplined and dedicated towards God, you will finally realise that this final goal is the most satisfying of all.

Use this wonderful opportunity to reach out to the source of light within you. It is only when you are in charge of yourself, that you are able to help others. Many people want to help others but they are not interested in developing their own spiritual nature, or in realising their own potential and bringing about a spiritual discipline in themselves. Only when you achieve your own spiritual discipline will you be in a position to serve others. All doings begin with the self. It is foolishness to want to do something for others or serve others, when one is unable to discipline one’s own thoughts and actions, and unable to maintain one’s own spiritual, mental and physical health. Service is something that flows spontaneously from love, and love can be cultivated with spiritual, mental and physical discipline.

Understand the laws of the Universe. Meditation will help you to understand the secrets of Nature. Try to lead a life of non-attachment. Discipline your mind, do not succumb to old self-destroying habits. Mistakes are the best teachers, learn from your mistakes. Develop an attitude of complete surrender towards God. Do not be defeated by sorrows and difficulties that crop up in life. Every difficulty is an opportunity for you to develop your will power. Develop spiritual strength through dedicated spiritual practices. Face all your difficulties with a smile. Nothing can harm you, have faith in God and Guru, and continue with the tasks set before you. With this attitude, you shall definitely succeed in life.

You are the master of your own destiny. It is only you who can regain the divinity within you. Prepare yourself by discarding unwanted desires, and the habits and behaviour patterns that took away your peace, and disturbed your surroundings. Build new habits, change your negatives into positives, it is only you who has the ability to chalk out the right path for yourself, and for those who depend on you. Be expansive and all-inclusive. Just observe what has happened to our world today. This world is nothing but a magnified version of one’s own body. Diseases and troubles are but reminders from God, to prepare ourselves for an inward life.

If each one of us took up the responsibility of keeping ourselves healthy in spirit, mind and body, we would collectively be able to keep the world healthy and flourishing. Wherever we may be, let us consider ourselves to be in the temple of God. Let’s consider every work that we do, to be an offering to God. Let’s consider ourselves to be tools in the hands of God, and know that God is working through us. When we go through life with such an attitude, life becomes a place of peace and bliss. Nothing that happens outwardly can ever harm us, if we continue to live our lives inwardly, conducting all our tasks and duties, as offerings to God. Make ‘constant meditation’ a part and parcel of your daily life, and you shall see wonders happening in your life.

Bless you all. May you use this wonderful opportunity to undertake your spiritual journey, and may you make maximum progress in your journey.

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