Why Lord Shri Krishna carried flute throughout his life?

It is true that Lord Shri Krishna carried the flute throughout his life whether he was in an awakened state or in a state of sleep. In other words, even for a moment he did not part with his flute. He held onto it unto the very last. Flute is a natural bamboo piece, in which seven holes are pierced. This bamboo piece is given life through Lord Shri Krishna’s breath while he holds it in his hands. These seven holes are in tune with the seven chakras of the human body. So, the feelings of the flute player are passed onto the flute through his seven chakras and breath. That is why no two people can bring out the same melody through a given flute. The music emerges in accordance with the flute player’s mind. Mind is ever changing and two minds can never match. Similarly two tunes can never be the same, though they can be similar.

How fortunate is the flute to be in the hands of the Creator Lord Shri Krishna! It could have been a waste piece of bamboo, discarded and lying in the garbage-heap. Yet, having come into the hands of Lord Shri Krishna, it has changed into a divine piece of ecstasy. Similarly, when a human being is totally dead to the outside world, in other words when one is in a completely egoless state, the Creator plays through him like a flute and spreads his divine music everywhere. Every life in this Universe is like a flute in the hands of the Creator. However, we do not understand his concept, on account of our ego and desires. One can get rid of desires through meditation. Learn to meditate increasingly. The more you mediate, the more you will get closer to Lord Shri Krishna until finally you will join hands with Him and will remain in ecstasy forever. So try and start meditation from this moment itself.

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