Guruji Dev Baba

Guruji Dev Baba

What is language? What is Silence ?

Language is the expression of mind’s thoughts by one person to another. There should be a minimum of two people for this. One is the receiver and the other is the transmitter. Both should have ego. This is a transaction between two egos. Ego only speaks, when there is no ego there is no conversation at all. That means there is silence.

Silence is a language beyond mind. It is an internal transaction which cuts down words and sentences. For example, if an electrical switch is put on, then there will be ‘work’ like light, fan, motor etc. When the switch is put off nothing will work, but there is electricity in the line. When the flow is cut off the light comes, similarly in silence there is a special language that flows through the consciousness. For years, centuries and millions of years ago, life after life, we have studied, learnt, and discussed great things, which can be understood now through silence, within a fraction of a second. Silence is the language of the universe.

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