Is it true that the ladies find it difficult to attain realization? If so, then what is the remedy for it?

A lady is born to take care of the Creator’s creation or Prakruti. Prakruti has higher power, the power of creation or power of the mind. Ladies possess stronger minds and will power but their minds fluctuate. Should a lady decide to do ‘sadhana’ then she will certainly obtain ‘moksha’ or ‘realization’. Yet, by doing so, society may suffer. The entire human society depends upon women. Woman is the one who gives birth while Man is only a reason for birth. During the olden days, our ancestors did not encourage ladies to practice meditation or ‘Tapas’. Also, you will observe that Nature has a way of attracting women towards the external world rather than towards the inner world of meditation. This does not mean that a lady cannot obtain moksha or self-realisation. She can certainly achieve Atma-Sakshatkara, just like any Man.

At the physical level, ladies can do better meditation as compared to a man. In the beginning, her female character is quickly absorbed by the ‘kundalini shakti’ because the kundalini itself is a female energy. After crossing the physical sheath (Annamaya Kosha), the kundalini travels towards the subtle etheric sheath (Pranmaya Kosha). This travel takes place easily because this sheath is masculine in nature, with a positive energy. The union of male and female energies is easy and natural. In the beginning, a lady can meditate well. She is generally attracted to meditation and enjoys it in the beginning, on account of the positive character of this sheath.

The next level for kundalini is the mental sheath (Manomaya Kosha), which is feminine in character. A lady with feminine nature cannot attract the mind in which there is female energy. Female and female always repel. At this stage, her meditation gets stuck or may become slow due to mental imbalances. In case of man, this next level is very easy because his masculine nature is very easily attracted by the female energy of the mind.

For a lady, once the mental sheath is crossed, the kundalini proceeds towards the wisdom sheath (Vigyanmaya Kosha), which is masculine in character. Crossing this sheath is easier for ladies. Then comes the sheath of ‘bliss’ (Anandamaya Kosha), whose character is ‘love’. However, since the outer part of the Anandamaya Kosha is filled with female energy or negative energy, a lady finds it difficult to enter this sheath.

The ‘kundalini’ of most women is said to reach only up to the level of the Anandamaya Kosha and therefore, our ancestors believed that women could not reach the highest peak in meditation. However, this is not true. There are ladies who have attained the highest peak of spirituality. If women strive hard enough with consistent efforts at meditation, they can certainly cross the outer boundary of Anandamaya Kosha and attain the highest – ‘moksha’ or realization.

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