Guruji. Can Kundalini Yoga be practiced without Guru?
Can we develop psychic powers using Kundalini ?

Kundalini Yoga is an esoteric sacred practice that should not be done by merely referring to books. Doing it without the required guidance from a realized Guru will lead to all kinds of complications, depending upon your spiritual state of preparedness. There have been cases of people who have lost their minds due to their inability to sustain the powerful energy unleashed due to premature awakening of the kundalini.

In order to activate the kundalini, you should first prepare your body, mind and emotion. Unless awakened, kundalini is a dormant spiritual energy located at the base of the spine, lying in the manner of a coiled-up serpent. In order to awaken the Kundalini, it is not necessary to use Kundalini Yoga itself. Any spiritual practice, when it is properly done, will awaken the Kundalini. It can also be awakened through the grace of the Guru or through Meditation or Bhakti.

Psychic powers can be developed not only through Kundalini Yoga but also through total surrender to God, through intense spiritual practices, through Meditation, etc. With constant spiritual practice and becoming entirely desire-less, you attract the grace of God and the divine Shakti. You are then blessed with the ability to manifest psychic powers.
It should be noted that psychic powers are hindrances on the path of spirituality. Do not run after psychic powers. Desire for psychic powers, like any other desire should be eliminated through intense spiritual practice. Development of psychic powers is a by-product of spirituality, and is not good. There is a very high possibility of misusing the powers and falling prey to forbidden activities that develop negative karma. If we have developed psychic powers through our Sadhana, without consciously desiring for them, then we shall be automatically using these powers for the welfare of humankind, without being tainted by them.

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