How do we know the level of our kundalini awakening?
How do we know at which chakra level our kundalini has reached?

Most spiritual practitioners have the curiosity to know the spiritual level they have reached. This shows that one is still carrying the ego. The desire of knowing ‘Where Am I?’ may hamper his or her spiritual progress. Instead, if the person submits to the Creator and says “I am not there, only He exists”, then this total surrender to the Creator makes hastens the spiritual progress and soon he or she will be in the hands of the Creator Himself – which means that by this action he or she shall soon enjoy ecstasy, and consequently it would reveal his or her level of kundalini awakening.

If you are so curious to know where you have reached in your meditation practice, then go and sit before your master. The master will give the exact answer that you need. It is not important where your kundalini shakti has reached. What is important is the method of kundalini awakening and due to which how much peace you do enjoy or how much service you do towards others in the society. If you still want to know where you have reached in your spirituality, you should study the characteristics of your chakras, which reflect in your day to day behavior. If you are rigid, lazy, non-cooperative, possess anger and selfishness, then your kundalini is still in Mooladhara Chakra. If you are active, attracted towards opposite sex, and cannot concentrate on meditation, then your kundalini is in Swadhisthana Chakra. In case you are active, disciplined, like socializing, and have leadership qualities, then these are the characteristics of Manipura Chakra. In this manner, study yourself, your characteristics and your chakras and you shall know the level at which your kundalini has awakened.

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