Kankrej - Best Indian Cow Breed for Sale

What is Kankrej cow?

It is one of the pure Indian breeds of cow well known for its dual benefits as drought and a milk cow. It belongs to Gujarat and gained its name from one of the Talukas of Banaskantha district of Gujarat called Kankrej. The native belt of this breed includes Mehsana, Kutchchh, Ahmedabad, Kheda, Anand, Sabarakantha and Banaskantha districts of Gujarat in the southeast region of the Rann of Kutch and Jodhpur and Barmer districts of Rajasthan.


It is robust and well-built representing one of the heaviest cattle breeds in India. Body weight ranges between 800-1800 kg. It has coat color varying from silver grey to iron grey and steel black. They have characteristic half-moon shaped horns which are highly strong. The wide forehead and large horns give them a majestic look. The horns are covered with skin to a greater length from the base than in other breeds of cows. They have large pendulous ears. Bulls bear large hump.

Why is Kankrej cow important?

It is , famously known as Guzerat in Brazil, is being maintained in large numbers as a pure breed in that country. The Guzerat was the most important breed in the formation of American Brahman. The unique characteristics like resistant to tick fever, heat stress, the very little incidence of contagious abortion and tuberculosis made  a very popular one among these countries.

Why is Kankrej cow best Indian cow breed for sale?

Kankrej cow breed is resilient to stress condition and well suited for the geo-climatic conditions of Sourashtra region of  Gujarat. They have immense draught power and efficient for agricultural operations. The unique feature of this breed called “Sawai Chaal”, meaning the particular walking style of these cows, where the hind legs reach farther than the front leg landed. This helps in faster plowing the fields. Because of this advantage,  bulls are used for road transport as well.   Milk yield in this cow is high and quality of the milk is good with higher fat content. This breed is resistant to tick fever, contagious abortion, tuberculosis,  and many other diseases of the cattle. Due to their higher efficiency as drought and dairy breed, speed movement, disease resistance and ability to sustain environmental stress, this breed has attained the status of the best Indian cow breed for sale. It has high demand in abroad, where this is used for raising cross breeds with better resilience and productivity. In the Indian market, the price of good  cow or bull ranges between 75thousand to 1.25Lakh rupees.

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