Kamadhenu - The importance of Desi Cow in Agriculture

Kamadhenu or Surabhi, in Hindu mythology, is a bovine Goddess, considered the divine mother to all cows. Known also as the mother of the 11 Rudras, she has miraculous characteristics that enable her to satisfy her owner’s every wish, and holds a lofty position in Hindu mythology.

Kamadhenu also refers to the Indian Cow Breed Improvement & Conservation Program of Divya Jyoti Sansthan that has taken upon itself, the prime goal of re-establishing the value and creating social awareness about the Indian cows in the society. The preservation of Indian Cows and its benefits in the health, agriculture, the environment and the economic sector is clearly advocated by such establishments. It is working hard to increase the breed of Indian cows in quality and number. Other than contributing towards the organic farming method, this society has also participated effectively in “Gobar” electricity plant, Ayurvedic medicines, manure composting and similar other projects by constructing the respective plants and machines. Thus, without any wastage, Kamadhenu is effectively making it a sustainable system..

Prosperity of the Country

Most of you in the agricultural field have come to realize that organic farming can produce good quality food without adversely affecting human health and at the same time, improving the environment and soil fertility, leading to a manifold increase in demand of organic food among consumers. The consumers, having realized the great advantages, are now ready to pay for the high-priced but good quality organic products. The conventional growers too seem quite impressed by the organic farming concept, and have started to adopt it seriously. If properly studied and implemented, organic farming can be established on a large scale throughout the nation, thereby producing large quantity of food for exporting to the international markets. Such opportunities will indirectly provide employment to the youth of the nation and bring peace and prosperity to every region of the country.

Cow and Agriculture

It is common knowledge that agriculture has been the backbone of several developing countries since ancient times. Before the advent of chemical fertilizers and tractors, cows were the only source that helped in all aspects of agriculture. From tilling the land, to distribution of manure, the cow and its waste was the mainstay of crop production. Realization is slowly dawning among the contemporary farming community, and they are now reverting to go with organic farming that is absolutely hazard-free. Several organizations like “Braj Foundation” are working hard to educate the locals regarding the merits of cow and its impact on the agriculture. They are teaching people to take up the cow based method of organic farming, which is the only solution for a healthy and prosperous tomorrow.

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