Indian cows and the Golden Urine

About Indian Cows

Indian cow breeds are diverse and highly adapted to their respective native regions.Many of the breeds of Indian cows are known for their golden urine, drought adaptation, mechanical work, milk production, production of medicinally important milk and other products etc.The list of cow breeds of India comprises more than 40 races. But many of them are on the brink of attainment of the status of endangered species, for example, the Kapila breed of Dakshina Kannada, the Vechur breed of Kerala, etc. Interestingly, most of the breeds of Indian cows serve dual or multipurpose domestic animals.    Interestingly, most of them are unique in one or the other aspect and enjoy special status. The domestication of cows is a common practice throughout India and has a long history.

Cow Products

Milk is the primary product of cattle farming and India stands first in the world in terms of the production of milk, most of which is from the cows. The dairy farming yields many by-products like the urine, dung, etc. as well. In addition to these, the endless recipes of sweets and other products of milk dominate the dining tables of Indian families. The latest knowledge gained on the type of the milk (A2 type) being produced by the Indian cows has further boosted the value of the milk of these cow breeds during the recent years. Cow urine is the next to milk in demand. The medicinal, cosmetic and purifying effect of cow urine has been established time and again by traditional knowledge and modern science. Similar to the milk the urine of Indian cows also proved to be superior with hormones, enzymes, and rare minerals.

Why is Indian cow unique?

There is a  belief that a unique vein called Surya-Kethu Nadi running through the backbone of the Indian cows. This is considered as a divine anatomical structure, confined to the Indian cow breeds alone. This vein is supposed to be interacting with solar rays and absorbing energy from the sun, moon and other luminaries of the Universe to form gold salts, which can be seen in the blood, milk, urine and other body fluids of these cow breeds. This belief is supported by the discovery of the Gold salt, Aurum Hydroxide in cow urine through modern scientific research during recent years. The diverse feeding habit of Indian cows ranging from green grass to forest trees and dried hay to dried floral parts of plants and even fruits and vegetables contribute towards the rich composition of their milk and urine. In fact, the urine of Indian cow breeds is considered equivalent to gold.

Why Golden Urine?

It is golden yellow in color and contains gold salt as one of the components and has found a place for superior applications such as divine purifier of the body and soul in religious rituals, as a miraculous medicine, and marvelous manure and medicine for the plants.

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